The ‘gig’ economy continues

Working from home, as millions of us now are, is more conducive to short-term employment sidelines, turned to quite often when the need arises for meeting an unexpected bill. Here are some suggestions as to slightly unusual gigs you may consider while reflecting upon your Sun sign’s Second House, which rules the money in your life:

Aries: consider temporary employment as a guest lecturer, a D.J., a paid reader of novels, whatever job offers involve using your voice in speaking or music.

Taurus: handcrafts which involve complex or fine motor skills might be a good sideline to pursue – pottery, painting, weaving, intricate embroidery, couture-level sewing.

Gemini: interior design which relies on retrospective or nostalgia and creating a more comfortable home for a client may appeal.

Cancer: playwriting or writing a one-man show for your friends who are aspiring actors could be a good fit for your creativity.

Leo: food critic, especially for fine wines and chef’s specialties, could lead to permanent assignments, especially if you can devise a new approach to evoke the restaurant experience.

Virgo: balance and beauty should be your guidelines in your new pursuits for extra income, and perhaps you should consider a collaborative effort with a friend.

Libra: something to do with the occult would be outside your normal sphere but could lead to new and quite interesting experiences.

Scorpio: setting up rescues for neglected or abused animals, perhaps horses, would be finding a new side of yourself and extending your horizons.

Sagittarius: temporary office work online could be something you’ve never tried but might find is a good fit for your talents.

Capricorn: what humanitarian efforts beguile you when you’re reading a newspaper or magazine? And how could you contribute your skills?

Aquarius: becoming a paid listener for people seeking affirmation of their likability, wit or conversational acumen could be an unusual avenue for you.

Pisces: allowing (or pushing) yourself to take the lead in some new project may prove astonishing to others as you manifest unexpected skills in guiding others.