The Speed of Light – Light Facts

Fact: Light travels faster than sound.
Is this why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

The sun is actually white when seen from space because its light isn’t scattered by the earth’s atmosphere. From Venus, you wouldn’t see the sun at all because the atmosphere is too thick. Oh, and you’d be dead.

The sun emits enough energy in a single second to heat up 3,200-billion-billion Hot Pockets.

When light passes through different substances, it slows down and bends (refraction). This is how a lens can focus beams of light into a single point and fry an ant. (Please do not try this at home, the ants will appreciate it.)

If the sun were to suddenly go out, all of us earthlings wouldn’t notice it for eight minutes and 17 seconds – the time required for sunlight to reach our blue orb.
Nothing to worry about, the sun has about 5 billion years of fuel left. OH, and it will incinerate the earth when it goes red giant during its death throes, so be glad you won’t be around.

Rainbows are made when light enters water droplets in the air, gets refracted, is then reflected inside the droplet and refracted again when leaving the droplet. Why? It’s Leprechaun magic. That’s why.

Our thanks to Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics an independent research center in foundational theoretical physics located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada for providing us with all this en-light-ening information.