The Sunday Funnies

We three here at Write Up The Road have become increasingly dismayed at the demoralizing news which is pouring forth from our family members, fellow citizens and our cherished nation as we all struggle to maintain some semblance of continuing our lives.

We remember Sunday afternoons years ago when the family got together in the living room to read the thick, multi-paged newspaper with lengthy articles, special recipes, full coverage of big events – and pages and pages of the Sunday Funnies in full color.

So we’re going to try and give you, our readers, a break from the grief of an unseen enemy taking our livelihoods, our normal routines and our very lives … and present our weekly ‘news bits’. We can’t showcase the Department of Silly Walks (it’s been done), but we can show you memes, funny photos, awful puns, jokes even the kids can repeat – and hope we bring a smile or a chuckle to you and a tiny break from anxiety.

Let us know how/if our new weekly column helps you distract your mind for a few minutes’ respite.

See you next Sunday, September 13, 2020, for our first edition of The Sunday Funnies.