Theory of progression

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There’s a theory in some of the older astrology texts that deals with reincarnation of a different type – you come back as each of the twelve zodiac signs and, if you’ve reached human perfection when you reach your transition point in Pisces, you go on then to the next plane. So this means if you’ve incarnated as a Taurus for this life, in your next life, you’ll be a Gemini. This also works when you consider the karma addition – can you imagine how irritated a Taurus would feel, being stolid and down-to-earth all his life, and then to return to the earthly plane as a double-minded, flighty free spirit Gemini? Would it feel adventurous and freeing, or like a punishment?

This concept would make an intriguing conversational gambit. I don’t think the “What’s your sign?” opening line (which was never all that successful, in my estimation, unless you were attending a convention of students of the occult) is due a come back . But if you asked, “As what sign would you return to this plane if you progressed to the next?” Then you could ask if they think they’d like being a (fill in the blank) more than their own sign? You see, this gives you the same information about what their Sun Sign is without resorting to the hackneyed pickup line. And while they’re trying to figure out what life would be like, changing from a dutiful Virgo to weigh-every-side-of-the-problem Libra, you can have your aha! moment as to whether you might have a mutual attraction beginning to perk here.

I’m not suggesting astrology can or should be a parlor game. But it certainly doesn’t have to be something ponderous and formal to the point of stuffiness. Just as every date isn’t going to end in a permanent relationship, a quiet conversation may not end with dinner or even a cup of coffee.

But I would still insist you’ve at least evened the odds of making a friend, if your Sun Signs are compatible. And what’s wrong with that? – MZ