Vacation II

To continue with vacation and recreation ideas and thoughts –

Libra: Your sign is always interested in justice, the rule of law, and things being fair – so why not tour your local court system? See if you can attend an actual cort session as an interested citizen. Binge watch Perry Mason episodes or something much more recent that you didn’t catch when it was first aired. Nearly everyone knows a lawyer; ask your acquaintance of he or she has any unusual anecdotes that can be divulged. Perhaps the two of you could write a short story together based on it, or even a book if the lawyer was involved in a lengthy proceeding. Or you may try one of the ‘be a juror’ sites online, but unless you’re close to a big city, your services likely aren’t going to be solicited.

Scorpio: The Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany is more tacky than the Vegas Strip – and you’d best check out the many videos on YouTube before booking tickets or tours. That said, a Scorpio would probably enjoy at least the atmosphere of one of the world’s most infamous red light districts. There are also other places of interest, as you can still visit the bars where groups such as The Beatles, The Jets and so forth got their start. Pandemic permitting, the annual Reeperbahn Festival in September is a huge crowd pleaser with a music industry convention, art shows and great concerts as well. The small cafés which crowd the side streets offer good food and a vast choice beer menu.

Sagittarius: Camping out old-style, with a wood fire and a percolator for coffee is a dream vacation for you, Sagittarius. Years ago, many Archers went hunting for recreation, but with various species literally on the edge of extinction, that idea no longer has appeal for you. You’re also a friend to all animals, and may be already involved with a rescue organization. Your best hunting would likely be done with a good camera. Or you may take up birding, or become a guide for others wanting an outdoor experience but lacking any idea how to go about it. And don’t forget archery.

Capricorn: Antiques, museums, banking and money – find places to visit or travel to which offer one or more of these subjects and you should have an enjoyable bvreak from the office, Capricorn. (Although you’ll still fret a little over how the firm is getting along without you.) You may want to take courses in antiques and appraising when you return, possibly with the goal of opening your own retail establishment someday. (Don’t put that dream off until you’ve retired. A ‘retired’ Sea Goat is an anomaly.) Another idea would be to collect increasingly rare authentic antique banks, perhaps at estate sales.

Aquarius: Going somewhere there’s a totally different group of people to meet and talk to would really intrigue you. You don’t necessarily have to go abroad. If you’re at all close to a large city, find out which ethnic groups have a real presence there, whether the culture is Korean, Swedish, or Central American; makes no difference to you. You’re a ‘people collector.’ Before you visit – and try to get a hotel room close by – learn phrases in the native tongue, read a book or two by one of their famous writers, and use local transportation. Give yourself a ‘total immersion’ experience without passport or visa.

Pisces: Fishing, of course – deep sea, fly, bass … or if you’d prefer not being outdoors, research having a salt water aquarium in your home. This can lead to a fascinating hobby of raising exotic, tropical fish and enjoying watching them thrive. Or you could try out every sushi restaurant within driving distance. Maybe you’d like scuba lessons or going snorkeling and truly swim with the fishes for an unforgettable break from routine and your work. If none of these piques your interest, then you may as well resort to building your own backyard fish farm. Truly fresh-caught for dinner.

Visualize your vacation and – Bon Voyage!   – MZ

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