When the chart native enters the years of 15 to 24, wouldn’t you expect that person to become quite interested in the opposite sex? Of course you would, and – you’d be correct. It seems the teen years especially, are devoted to establishing an outer personality which is the ‘meet and greet’ image presented to the world. This is when the labels start adhering themselves with such tenacity that they may remain in place for life. Of course, an eighteen-year-old who didn’t feel accepted in high school or by the dominant peer group may decide to join the military, go away to college, or move to another town. And even if the other town is only twenty or thirty miles away from the birthplace, that older teen could get contacts instead of glasses, dress with a great deal more flair, join various social gatherings and otherwise re-invent the person displayed to the world.

This dramatic change may occur in more young lives if the natal Venus is in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius or Pisces. Gemini, of course, is the sign of The Twins, and the changes in location, dress, presentation and so on may be more transitory in nature. Libra may also search for the exact ‘fit’ of what he or she feels inwardly and expresses outwardly. They have a compulsion to attempt to be fair in all their actions, so they may try to balance feminine and masculine impulses, or simply opt to be gender neutral for a time. Aquarius wants to experience every type of personality and could go through an almost ‘roller coaster’ effect of mood changes depending on the sign the transiting Moon is in, or a Saturn affliction to the native’s chart, or simple adolescent rebellion against the ‘norm.’ And Pisces may never truly decide where the love interest for his/her/their life belongs; trying to live an idealistic life is quite challenging enough without a significant other occupying enormous amounts of care and attention.

And just as we’ve seen with the other two Chronocators we’ve looked at so far, there can be conjunctions, squares, sextiles and trines of planets added to the self-expression of the chart native. For example, if Uranus in the Natal Chart is conjunct Venus, the native may fall victim to unscrupulous people time and again; trusting someone just met or giving up a good job on the off chance they can ‘run away’ and find true love without the crass necessity of making a living. With Venus also being in the forefront as the Chronocator at this stage of life, the poor chart native can be seduced, lied to, held captive by their lover’s jealousy, or in the worst possible case, cast into the sordid world of sex trafficking. Thankfully, this horrific extreme isn’t a common occurrence – although it does happen far more often than any human with empathy could wish.

The early twenties is often the time a career is being established, and it could be argued that this may be when the Hollywood ‘casting couch’ becomes a peril, being offered starring roles, or a so-called mentor hinting that becoming intimately involved with one of the ‘power brokers’ cold lead to a fast-tracked career. The native will have to decide what determines when the sacrifice is too great, the salary and perks tempting but still not the whole lifestyle desired, or the work/life balance simply doesn’t exist.

Arguments between the native and the parents are frequent during these years as well; sometimes this extends to the native having problems with an authority figure, whether a boss, professor or other admired person in the orbit of the native. The balance is very delicate between telling someone how you’d handle a problem, or presenting only one solution to the dilemma and refusing to examine other avenues. This ‘time block’ may also be the period when the native is drawn to older lovers; however, if Saturn in the older person’s chart is conjunct the Sun, Moon or Ascendant of the partner, the partner is advised to pack a bag and flee. The older person really can’t help dominating the younger in this scenario, but it doesn’t make it easier for the younger person who feels smothered.

So you don’t particularly like the interactions between your natal Chart and the Chronocators at this time of your life? Read everything you may find on dealing with the square or conjunction which seems to have had the effect of turning your life upside down – and remember that no situation lasts forever. Not even in astrology.

Just for a bit of encouragement, there are huge amounts of references available to us all at the present time, whether in old books about astrology, on the internet, or even in consulting a practicing astrologer. No problem exists without some sort of a solution. – MZ