“Victory Gardens” for today

Photo courtesy BooBoo Shaw

Of course, Boomers aren’t supposed to be old enough to know about these things – but most of us do. Simply put, a Victory Garden was planted, cared for and weeded, grown and likely canned or preserved by average folks working quietly in their own backyard. Like much of the war effort, common people had something concrete they could do to help beat the terrible forces aligned against the troops fighting the scourge of the world. Maybe they collected newspapers, or metal, or drove carefully and slowly, on one set of tires for many more years than ordinarily. And these efforts made all Americans feel a part of something much larger – and more imperative – than their own concerns, daunting though they seemed.

Perhaps that’s what’s lacking in our fight against the coronavirus – yes, it’s a pandemic, but what can I do about it? Other than the handwashing (and wringing), using sanitizing formulas, masks and social distancing – what can the ordinary Joe or Jane do?

Well – plant a small garden. Yes, it’s a little late, but if you start now, you could still get squash, or a few carefully-nurtured tomatoes; maybe broccoli or chard when the weather cools a bit.

Start your own Slow Fashion movement in your closet – repair or alter that skirt that never hung just right. Get the odd stain out of your favorite tie. (Yes, I know – how quaintly antiquated. But someday we’ll be getting good clothes on again and going places – and you’ll be glad you have something besides sloppy sweats to wear.) Wear some of your favorite clothes around the house and feel a little better, even if you’re sequestering again.

Stop eating so much fast food and try to get at least three or four balanced, nutritious meals into your weekly schedule.

Cut out one news broadcast or online publication daily. Use that time to read a real book or write a real letter to someone instead.

Fight back against the virus with better nutrition to keep healthy, a change of pace to stay mentally involved, and gentle exercise to get going in the morning. Perk up your surroundings, and the clothes you put on your familiar bod. Get rid of clutter and boost your brain power.

Keep fighting, Joe and Jane. You can do it. We all can do it. ‘Normal’ was never that great for most of us. We’ll create a better world for us, our kids and grandkids. And we will beat this contemptible microscopic scum.