Will Chicken Little be considered a prophet as of 2021?

“The sky is falling!” Indeed.

The energies of a Mars-Pluto square need to be harnessed and not let loose, like ‘the dogs of war.’ You’ll recall Mars is the god of War, while Pluto is the god of the underworld. These two forces at each other’s throats, as it were, are staggering in their inherent implications. Misuse or abuse of power; tempers out of control and possibly dangerous situations when common sense deserts the majority of bystanders may be evident in the headlines this week or even within your own small neighborhood.

Of course today, December 21, is the Winter Solstice, a time of great celebration and feasting, dancing, wanton behavior and carousing in the olden days. It also marks the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the planet of benevolence and good fortune, and the planet of responsibility and duty. Our policies and our finances may change on a national level as these two planets begin to traverse the air sign of Aquarius, representing very large steps for mankind and not a return to ‘normal,’ whatever that subjective term truly was in our lives.

It’s worth mentioning here that Saturn also rules Capricorn, the sign of huge corporations and ‘politics as usual’ with its duplicity, shams, scams and chicanery. Think ‘Tammany Hall’, 2020 version. And perhaps we can discard all that the term meant, and the year brought, and create a new political system representing us, the average citizen in millions strong. New laws and leaders will arise. ‘Public service’ will once again be a noble profession. Action will be demanded of each of us, whether on a large or small scale as Mars lights a fire under the changes no longer hidden and urges discard of hidebound traditions.

This ‘power play’ in the stars will be projected onto our world as the process of change within every nation begins to increase its speed.

Tuesday, December 22 and Wednesday, December 23 are both days to stay calm, stay home if you can, and don’t rise to any type of ‘bait’ someone with malicious intent may set before you. Remember the limitless power of affirmations and prayer. Deal with fears and paranoia by standing firm within your own soul and not giving in to those who would have us all quaking in our beds. We dealt with mad King George, and Pluto transiting Capricorn in 1776. We are still those same brash Americans – first generation or thirtieth – who defeated an empire, built cities and farms, and created a political system never before seen. Yes, we made terrible mistakes. Our karma for the slaughter of Native Americans and the enslavement of African immigrants, and the inhumane treatment of other ethnic, physically compromised or age-ravaged groups is still being worked out, perhaps for many more years.

But if we stand together, for the good of the children, and reclaim pure water, rich soil and clean air; if we take up the tools of rebuilding what we’ve let fall into disrepair and learn to trust one another again … we shall succeed.

May your week before Christmas bring you peaceful moments of joyful memories and the anticipation of joining loved ones in celebrating the quelling of a formidable enemy.    – MZ