Worst enemy

Seems I’m posing more questions nowadays, and may not be answering many, but this is one you likely haven’t considered: are you your own worst enemy?

If you know your Sun Sign, you also know the characteristics ascribed to that particular sign. While most people understand astrology is an impersonal study, they may not realize that extends to viewing what are considered ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ traits as simply attributes of a person. Any study of humans is very subjective. Don’t think so? Consider the child who constantly picks about everything, examines subjects in excruciating detail and goes on at length about the newest discovery. Are these traits negative? Not in a lawyer, forensic expert or detective.

So if you’ve been discouraged about ridding yourself of the ‘negative’ traits of your Sun sign, reverse your thinking and ask how you can make those same traits work to your advantage. You may be surprised at the whole, integrated person who emerges from your self-reflection. You must be your own best friend before you can befriend others. Allow yourself to be fully human so you may generously overlook the actions of others around you who are also just ‘being human.’

Self-reflection is vastly different from self-absorption. And we are born knowing the best focus. – MZ