Your first million

A somewhat facetious title, admittedly, but unless you’re a person who truly has all he/she wants and isn’t driven by ambition or competition, the words heading this article will definitely attract attention.

Now that I have your attention, let’s start examining how the different styles of acquiring riches may relate to your Sun Sign.

Have you noticed the nearly Yin/Yang pairing of two signs throughout the zodiac? We’ll start with comparing the first two signs, Aries and Taurus, to see how each may become more than just well off, if they follow their inherent traits.

The Ram and the Bull are quite a contrast. The Ram is more of an entrepreneur, as being ‘in business’ doesn’t have the same cachet for an Aries it does for a Taurus. A Taurus envisions being in business as having a permanent place in which to conduct said business, whether it’s a grocery store, a law office or a factory. An Aries would rather invent something or improve on an established product, get the sales started, and then sell the entity to the highest bidder before going on to start another money-maker.

Taurus is generally there for the long haul, and wants a solid customer base as well as being known by the bankers in town as a good risk and a solid business person. An Aries would rather have an angel investor to help the Ram literally capitalize on a current fad or trend, make a pile of money and get out.

Now, neither style is right or wrong, unless an Aries is trying to follow the Bull’s earning pattern, while the Taurus breaks into a cold sweat trying to negotiate some of the Ram’s more intricate deals. Follow what your Sun Sign urges you to do, in financial matters and in lifestyle choices. And check to see where your natal Moon is as well as your Ascendant before throwing your entire lifestyle and starter funds into one effort.

Aries, I’d advise you to always aim towards being at least the manager in any corporate position; i.e., sales manager, marketing manager, etc. But ordinarily, you’re not satisfied working for anyone or anything else. You need your own business, or else some career whereby your own actions determine people’s reactions and approval toward you, like a firefighter or police officer. You may be drawn to being a doctor or surgeon. And they generally make quite a bit of money, particularly if they specialize. Consider stock broker, producer (more than just the movies) or anything other than the humdrum. Invest as much money as you can afford (forgo the second car). Grit your teeth if you have to so you can follow an expert’s advice on the best return for your investments, and secure the growing funds somewhere away from access. Buy lottery tickets if you want to, but as a lark and not a lifeline.

Now, Taurus, you like the slow and steady approach to amassing even a moderate fortune, so you may find yourself in a financial adviser’s chair, helping other people while having a substantial career of your own. You’re always interested in banking, and being an officer and board member of a new FDIC bank or a mortgage company would suit you well. You may want to invest in tangible things, like real estate or old coins, but always get expert advice before sinking too much of your savings into one area. Yes, you do have savings. You may not have enough set back to retire early, but you’ve been saving money since your parents gave you your first piggy bank. (You’d still have it too, if that triple banana split hadn’t called to you as you walked home from school one day.) But keep saving. Someday you’ll not only afford many banana splits, but own the soda fountain itself. Or, more likely, a chain of them. Post-pandemic little luxuries might be a good area for you to think deeply upon, and devise a plan for getting them into nostalgic buyers’ hands in the near future.

Both Aries and Taurus need to read as much information as they can find on their particular signs, as each may find a small bit of information that really ‘speaks to them’ as a road to financial security if not outright fortunes.

All the best to you both as you pursue your own dreams of wealth and influence. – MZ  

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