A Call to Action on Some Level

 I’m here to make dreams happen.
 You are currently running an experimental version of 
 World of Gummies, 
 A primal horde community.
 You’re already two over what science says.
 You can’t get a hit unless you’re in the batter’s box.
 You have to empty the mind in order to refill it, and obviously
 Many of you haven’t started the refilling yet.
 Just because Shakespeare said it doesn’t make it true.
 Sometimes things don’t go right in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
 “The steer, the heifer, the calf, they’re all called meat.”
 What I’m going to do today is reveal the secret of eternal life.
 It will free you from the fear of dying and leaving behind
 A sink full of dirty dishes.
 It’s a nonstop continuous drill.
 A really fast pace, OK?
 Better. Safer.
 Better. Safer.
 Better. Safer.
 (Repeat for five minutes.)
 And I swear by the cover of Parade magazine 
 You’ll be fine. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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