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Almost 300 years ago

Amidst the ribaldry of the “off-year” election season now upon us, I was divinely inspired to read Gulliver’s Travels, by Jonathan Swift. The book was written in 1742 and is a classic in English literature. In the selection below, Gulliver has found himself in the country of Laputa, whose governing population consists mainly of a …

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Q and A

Mr. Curtis:  Would you like to try it with me? Miss Winthrop:  I’d love to. Perhaps a duplicate posting; always worth another viewing.

Write Up The Road at the Library!

Be sure to check out the beautiful Write Up The Road diorama now on display in the lobby of The Obion County Public Library. All part of Write Up The Road’s twentieth anniversary! And scroll down library’s website to see another tribute to Write Up The Road.

A Writing Lesson

A good opening line is essential to a poem. You strive and agonize over that first line for every work.  And then a ten-year-old kid comes along and dunks on you. “Old Toys” by Melody Maxfield Cortez | Rattle: Poetry


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