Randy Stark

Wide Open Bite

MR. PRODUCTIVITY Band of maroon at sunset Beautiful view Someone at La Galette Where they have happy hour practically all day Called it “the actual ocean.” What I’m saying is It was like weird. This other service that I work with, One of the guys I worked with On that project A sales guy, 31.2 …

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Gray Arias

I HAVE A BEACH BOYS SONG FOR YOU Everybody surfing now Everybody surfing now I PRETENDED I WAS LUCY But didn’t know I was a barking Lucy. Daddy came home and I barked too much. He’s sick with his flute. And that’s it. THE SEAT BELT The seat belt walked around and somebody tried to …

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Around the World in 80 Minutes

WALKING TOURS I was in Maputo, Beijing and Caracas Zagreb, Nairobi, Vancouver, Cairo, Florence (Loggia della Signoria) Seoul, Dhaka, Tokyo (Shinjuku) Algiers, Beirut, Damascus, Tashkent Lagos Nigeria AND Lagos Portugal Reykjavik the same as Asunción the same as Jerusalem Kigali (cleaner than Dubai?) London’s Chinatown Medellin, New York City (Bushwick) Oslo, Banjul, Mexico City, Toronto …

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