Randy Stark

from back in the day

A page, circa 1980-81, from Electrum, a now defunct magazine/house journal for a confederation of writers that staged weekly poetry readings in Laguna Beach, California back in the day, back when I went by Randal George Stark (LOL). © 2023 Randy Stark Please visit my website at www.randystark.com. My books are available on Amazon.

Gallery Hopping

Over the weekend I traveled to art museums, art galleries, art expos, and art fairs. My itinerary: Copenhagen, Busan, Buenos Aires, Munich, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, London, and I just flew in from Paris.. My arms are tired. Anyway, here are links to the artists who caught my eye: Kwon …

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A Hat Salesman

A man of Sung did business In silk ceremonial hats. He traveled with a load of hats To the wild men of the South. The wild men had shaved heads, Tattooed bodies. What did they want With silk Ceremonial hats? by Zhuangzi (China, late 4th century BC)

Some shop talk

Needed some stamps so at the post office I bought a pane of Toni Morrison stamps. Came home and read an Alice Walker essay about Zora Neal Hurston, which took me to the Harlem Renaiisance (early 1920’s to mid-1930’s), one of the two eras in American culture I would like to time travel back to …

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Unlock a Whole New World

At home. In the shower. On the go. A huge selection of Cultural enrichment This week in your area. Free air pressure check With hydro boost. Wrap your teeth around that! To take early advantage, Navigate to the settings. Activate it. Share. Keep the data flowing. Stamp out unrest. Block that bully. Unlock a whole …

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