A New Moon in Virgo September 17, 2020

Generally, projects begun on the day of a New Moon may be expected to be completed 30 days later, or at the conclusion of a Moon cycle. You can buy simple calendars which list the sign the Moon is in each day and employ a little astrological reasoning to help yourself from that bit of information. How does this work?

This time of new beginnings occurs in Virgo, the sign of organization, detailed tasks, and injecting efficiency or simplicity where it’s most needed. Set a little time aside to think where your life could use some ‘smoothing out’ and then take the practical powers of Virgo to heart and set them working. Let’s have some examples:

Aries: Your sixth house of work is ruled by Virgo. If you’re considering changing your employment, use these 30 days to investigate a new direction for earning a living; get some queries out and read everything you can find on whatever occupation you’re thinking of trying. Talk to people in that field; check educational requirements. The details will surface and you’ll have a much better idea whether the new idea will be your future work life.

Taurus: The New Moon sets off vibrations in your fifth house of romance if you’re single, and involves the children and their activities if you’re married and a parent (or stepparent). Sit down in some quiet place and ask yourself whether you’re looking in ‘all the wrong places’ if you’re still searching for that person you’d commit to for life. As a parent, perhaps your children are needing a little more autonomy in their lives now so you have a bit of time to yourself. A harmonious home must serve the needs of all its inhabitants.

Gemini: A Virgo Moon may be a bit difficult for any Gemini; it can bring forth unpleasant thoughts of whether your role around the home is that of helping and encouraging growth for everyone or being too self-absorbed to allow others their full range of experiences. Your spouse does not have to be your personal valet, nor do your children exist to do the household chores while you pass the time pleasantly with a hobby. Trade your way into a better balance for all within the walls.

Cancer: All those letters you haven’t written, the birthday cards you didn’t send and the phone calls you’ve yet to make now traipse across your desk while you’re working or sit howling on your windowsill while you’re trying to sleep. Get a book of stamps and dispel the hobgoblins of being uncommunicative in a way which will bring smiles to all on your correspondence list. Or set aside an hour a day to make a phone call; Skype or Facetime.

Leo: Egad, that detestable word ‘budget’ rears its ugly head yet again. It’s extremely hard for a Leo to watch expenses and prudently pay the bills before buying that new gadget or item of luxury clothing. This brief period can be a time of setting a simple goal for yourself of living below your means, so that a bit of money can accumulate over the weeks. Then you can buy that ‘whatever’ you’ve been wanting without flinching when the lights flicker, and you’re wondering whether you remembered to pay the light bill.

Virgo: Well, this is certainly going to rattle your cage, dear heart. Just don’t succumb to Virgo overkill and decide to go on a diet, rebalance your checkbook, set up a new savings program and learn Greek, all in one short four weeks or so. You’re already critical enough for the rest of the world to tolerate, so some skills inherent in this Moon position don’t need to be honed. Practice being kind and not giving your true, brutally honest opinion when someone asks if you like the sweater they knitted themselves and are now wearing.  

Libra: All those hidden fears and phobias come to the fore now. Your subconscious may give you a number of nightmares, just to make you aware of unresolved issues. If these seem overwhelming, don’t try to fix your psyche by yourself; get a trusted confidante to listen as you talk things out, or quietly join a twelve-step group. Everyone has buried memories and resentments, but not everyone resolves them satisfactorily. Be an exception, and find your bridges and solutions so you can move forward unencumbered.

Scorpio: Expect many of your friends, old ones and newer acquaintances, to be calling or emailing you during the next 30 days. Take time from your career or daily life to really connect with the special people in your life; everyone is leading such a crowded, frenetic life today that you may not have the same opportunities again. Help someone see another solution to a painful situation in their life, or listen quietly as your friend tries to clarify what it is that’s really bothering her.

Sagittarius: Do you have any Virgo friends? If so, enlist their super-charged energies during this time to help you figure out your career, or plan to discard your present one and instead get the itinerary for the first trip you can make once it’s relatively safe to do so again. Get those papers sorted out and filed, get your office cleaned up and prepare for the next launch of your ship, even if you have to keep social distancing and use your Virgo friend’s dry wit and pointed comments on speaker phone to keep you motivated.  

Capricorn: Take an online course. Either make it one which has a direct bearing on your career, or one that’s philosophical, or perhaps exploring another religion, in order to get your mind thinking along new lines. Try a bit of fantasy in your reading, borrow a book of impressionist art from the library or start keeping a journal. Get into  some of the inner rooms of your mind that haven’t had the windows opened in years. What really does matter the most to you in your life, and are you satisfied with that answer?

Aquarius: Virgo rules your eighth house of death and taxes; not the most pleasant of subjects, no, but ones which have to be dealt with eventually. Check to see if you may reduce your tax burden through judicious use of deductions. However – a caveat – also have your tax expert approximate the amount of FICA tax which also will be reduced, because this amount paid in will determine how much you receive back in such government programs as Social Security in your later years.

Pisces: Ah, the seventh house gets the full benefit (or negative reaction) to the New Moon in Virgo. Your intimate relationships are on the firing line now. Think twice before responding to deliberate provocation, whether you perceive the goal is to make love or war. You could win the battle and lose one of the core foundations of your daily life. Take time to think before replying, offer a hug or a kiss to stop the altercation before it escalates.

And just think, the Moon goes through all twelve houses of every person’s chart each year. It’s a wonder we can speak intelligibly rather than gibbering.  – MZ