Sunday Funnies

September 13, 2020


I recommend going on YouTube and looking up names of comedians from the past. And pick any of their appearances on the old “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” A couple to get you started: Jonathan Winters, Rodney Dangerfield.

They aren’t politically correct; in fact, often politically insensitive, they are a certain take on life at a certain time in the USA. But I’m looking even beyond the material to the routine itself, the interaction between the comedian guest and the comedian host of the show, the back and forth playing off each others’ energy. That’s really the lesson here. The laughs are a extra bonus. And when the cultural faux pas become too much for you, close the app. I guarantee you will have laughed!

Pie – Hot or Cold
Pies are round
or pies are square.
Pies win awards at county fairs.
Pies may be sweet or buttery,
delicate, prize-ribbon fluttery,
or filled with fruit like apples and pears.
Pies may have one crust or two,
maybe made from cherries or berries too.
But the enigma they present,
the awful, terrible torment
is the inevitable question of old:
“Do you want that hot, or cold?”

Hello Readers,

As you can see, we’re trying out some new things here (Thing 1 and Thing 2, perhaps?) and we may not get it all correct on the first try. But we hope you’ve at least smiled a little and maybe the day looks a bit brighter for it. Thanks for being with us as we tear the engine down and rebuild! Got a wrench handy?