A Saturday in the Second Most Populous City in the USA

You know actually
Try Starbucks.
It’s still early.
They’re not busy.
She was a security worker, young, and
Looked up from her phone when I asked
About the nearest public restroom.

She was right and what I heard inside the store was
I got this from H&M like so long ago.
My top is Forever 21.
I thrifted the vest. 
But I’m concerned why my watch isn’t charging anymore.

Leaving Starbucks I noticed
The security worker was back at her phone
Probably Candy Crush 
Sage level 1601 no boosters

Free Palestine was
Graffitied on one side of a bus shelter
But no one was waiting for a bus
This being Saturday
And this being a Mon-Fri only bus stop.

© 2023 Randy Stark

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