Age is what you make it

How many people decide that ‘life is over’ at age 30? Athletes in particular seem to fall victim to this incorrect stereotype, sometimes retiring or becoming a coach; staying in the sports orb with some position not requiring the physical effort of the actual sports performance. And if not 30, then folks decide to retire early, and leave their final career at 60. This, too, is misguided.

What these decisions don’t take into account is that a person’s first Saturn Return occurs at age 29 to 30, and the Second Return at around 60. This is shorthand for the person being expected to be an adult and possess full maturity at 30, and a full-fledged senior adult at 60, with accrued wisdom. Neither age means a full stop of the body, mind or creativity.

However – astrology teaches that the normal life span for an individual is 84 to 90. The first Uranus cycle is completed at age 84, and most people won’t live to see the second. (At 168 years old, there would be not one rerun on TV that hadn’t been seen by you far too many times, including M.A.S.H. and Friends.) The Third Saturn Return checks in at around 90 years of age.

So what does any of this indicate? Simply that age is indeed but a number – keep your mind and body active and don’t just ‘weather the storms’ of the slow planets, but take full advantage of what each cycle can mean in your life.

For the stars’ sake, don’t restrict your activity until you must, nor stop learning until comprehension fades. Live long and prosper.       – MZ

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  1. Thank you, Danceband. Sometimes I feel an ephemeris should be as much a part of any student’s library as a dictionary.

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