Caturday Weekly

Caturday Weekly

From the Preface to “Lords of the Housetops”  Thirteen Cat Tales c. 1921 Now the cat, independent, liberty-loving, graceful, strong, resourceful, dignified, and self-respecting, has a psychology essentially feline, which has few points of contact with human psychology. The cat does not rescue babies from drowning or say his prayers in real life; consequently any …

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Caturday weekly

If cats were as face-saving as humans – Black and white cat: “Can you read what the flavors are?” Blond cat: “Um – ah, no. I – uh – don’t have my reading glasses on.” #CaturdayWeekly

A small herd of kittens

And proof that at least three kittens will be headed in different directions – even if all four of them are sound asleep. ‘Herd’ with cats or kittens is always a noun, not any classification of an action verb. #Caturday Weekly

Caturday Weekly

There really is a cat in this picture – she’s hidden herself very well. (Look just below the trunk of the evergreen shrub.) Cats are indeed smart – they know how to use protective coloration and nearly disappear. Who needs an Invisibility Cloak? #Caturday Weekly