Write Up The Road

Back in 1180

You know, old art, like this piece titled “War between cats and mice” is still art. So maybe the perspective is a little off, or the colors have faded after a century or two. To me, the important thing is that someone wanted to capture an idea, an imaginative musing or a thought – and …

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And for fun

Like most artists, I went through various phases for a while, searching for my own style. Art Nouveau was one of them, until I realized I’m just not that much of a curly-cue guy. No John Held Jr., either, with his way cool flappers and sheiks in wide-legged trousers – the Influencers of the Roarin’ …

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Beyond groovy

Like, wow to infinity! Don’t know if you readers heard about the mix-up with Madame Zombra a short while ago, but we got the schedule worked out. And everything was cool, I thought. And then I get a call to go over to the Write Up The Road campus where the majority partner wants to …

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A quiet moment

Is a flower to be called a ‘weed’ just because it grew in the wrong place or at the wrong time? Are there ‘weeds’ in your life that may truly be flowers if you take a second look?

Caturday Weekly

“Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.” — Chinese proverb Since cats are frequently referred to as masters of relaxation, then they must also be showing us who they truly are. #CaturdayWeekly