My ‘shorthand’ approach to beginning the delineation of a Natal Chart.
Sample of a professional chart (used by owner’s permission; name removed for privacy).

Hello, dear readers –

Instead of reciting a group of definitions this week, I thought you might like to view two depictions of a Natal Chart. The first photo is how I begin my delineation/interpretation of someone’s Natal Chart with a rough sketch of the planets and houses, listing the degrees and minutes of each transit as well in a column to the side. My drawing skills are negligible, but the object of my freehand ‘blurb’ is to get the overall view of the chart in question. From this I can start looking at planets in conjunction, opposition, sextile and square to one another. You too can see the Sun is in the 12th House of the native, which often indicates difficulties in communication or perhaps a retiring or shy personality. My private notes also show the Sun and Uranus separated by only 11 minutes, in a very tight conjunction, which highlights the native’s interest in astrology. It’s a shame this person wasn’t allowed to pursue astrology as a profession; she might have been a noted astrologer in her day with the classes and training she needed to succeed.

The second illustration shows one of the computer-generated charts of the early 1970’s. Using computers to do the sometimes complicated calculations to fully examine a chart was a great advance and indeed a boon to astrologers willing to embrace the new technology of the times. It also reduced the chance of errors in calculations, for astrologers are also human and make mistakes, even in simple mathematics. Again, you can see the Sun/Uranus conjunction – and also note Mercury is a part of the conjunction grouping as well. The world lost a potential astrologer here, as mentioned above, and one who likely would have contributed a great body of astrological writings and interpretations. One can only wonder.

Next week we’ll resume our exploration of the basics of our chosen occult avocation. At that time, too, Mercury will have resumed forward motion (as of June 3rd) and things will be somewhat more settled for us all.

You can explore those charts if you wish, by counting planets two signs away from each other = a sextile; three signs, a square, and four signs, a trine. Much information is available on the internet concerning these aspects if you want to pursue it. – MZ