Saturn retrograde

Saturn photo courtesy of Wikipedia

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blogging for an announcement: Saturn is now in Retrograde motion, and will remain in retreat in Aquarius until October 22, 2022.

What does this mean?

Well, for approximately four and a half months, Saturn will present opportunities to ‘go back’ and correct problems, misunderstandings, or have you resume responsibilities just when you thought someone else was willing to take over.

Saturn, the dour, cold planet often of self-denial (or someone else withholds needed help) presents tough lessons to learn but with long-term rewards of strengthened bonds, less constricting boundaries because of your own choices, and new cornerstones from which to build.

Is it going to be an easy time? No, not necessarily. But remember everyone on this planet will be undergoing the same retrograde Saturn manifestations in some form or another.

Authority figures may loom large in your life until the fall; or, after much hard work, you may assume the mantle of an authority figure yourself. Think ‘major promotion in your career’ after many weeks/months of super-human effort.

Self-discipline is definitely required during this time frame. Don’t spend your time or your money foolishly. Keep watch and generally keep quiet about divulging your plans or wishes except to those you trust implicitly.

This could be the period during which you realize you actually have a deep-rooted fear of success.

Saturn can serve you the same warmed-over dish of challenges repeatedly until you gather all the insights necessary for you to move on, overcome obstacles, find another path through the forest.

Commit to finishing that degree, or asking exactly where the relationship is going, or set boundaries in child-rearing with your mother-in-law. Remedy past mistakes where possible, but not to the point of becoming a martyr.

And don’t feel as if you’re in the middle of a huge landslide on the slope of a very tall mountain. Make your best attempts at sorting things out, or determining whether to stay or leave your current vocation, location or partnerships. Get through the hard work and expect Saturn to grant you new opportunities and a strong base for supporting your dreams.

We’ll return to more astrology basics next week. In the meantime, keep the faith, baby.  – MZ

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