Clinging to Shallow, Rocky Soil

 Too much certified sourcing,
 Ipso facto pirates
 Moving at a snail’s pace
 In outer space,
 Getting their capsules detailed.
 Too many prompts and bodyslams,
 (I get them confused)
 With wind harps in all the colors of the 
 Snacks and sports drinks aisle,
 Plus other things to penetrate and inflict .
 Too little every day proofing
 Their TikTok 
 And IG.
 Too many mattresses filled with
 Warehoused memorabilia.
 Too few birthday hardliners
 Craving box makers,
 Mood board shapers,
 And not enough notice of pre-screen opt out.
 That’s what I’m talking about. 

© 2021 Randy Stark

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