Part One

I’ve been offered a rare opportunity to post a three-part article for my readers; therefore, today’s Head Light Blog will consist of one quarter of the astrology signs, Aries through Cancer/Moonchild. Another four, Leo through Scorpio, will be published tomorrow, and Sagittarius through Pisces next Monday. I hope you enjoy the information in a little more detail than usual.  –   MZ

Actually, there are no two astrology signs whose natives absolutely cannot ‘get along’ if both parties are willing to work at reconciling their differences. That said, however, there are always going to be people with whom you are not going to be best friends, and often this point is reached during the first few minutes of acquaintance. Astrology may be useful in determining the ‘flash points’ so the two of you can work together if necessary, live together (in the case of siblings or other relatives) or be in habitual contact with each other. Here are some guideposts.

*Aries: March 21-April 19

You may find yourself at odds with a Moonchild since you’re both Cardinal signs; meaning, you each want to lead a project, a major move, a company. There can be only one Commander-in-Chief, however, so if the Moonchild is your boss, be gracious about yielding. Your time will come, and a Moonchild will award you a prize project at some future point.

Libra may also present some obstacles; again, two leaders and one helm. In this instance, however, there may be an added element: the two of you may be intrigued enough to enter into a romantic affair and enjoy the sparks flying. This is because two people cannot be so completely opposite each other that they aren’t moving into common ground. (You can only get 180 degrees apart in any circle, after all.) Your best chance at reconciliation of two divergent lifestyles is open, honest communication.

Finally, a stoic and Cardinal Capricorn may appear to be the one person standing between you and some coveted position. Trying to push past this individual is not going to work; your Aries horns won’t intimidate a Sea Goat as he/she has horns too. Sit down together and look at your strong points: Capricorn is patient, usually calm and deliberate, cautious. Agree to the Capricorn laying the groundwork and following up the details (with full credit to the brass), while you make sales calls and presentations. This approach nets a triple win – for you, the Capricorn, and the company.

*Taurus: April 20-May 20

You get impatient with Leo’s taste for the dramatic and just want to get the project done on time and within budget, but stop and consider a little ‘window dressing’ just might lead to a better product in the end. Look for a bit of praise that you can honestly tell your Leo partner, and watch him or her devise even better ways to handle the workload. You don’t have to be ‘subject’ to a Leo to get along. Offer respect instead, and become a team instead of antagonists.

Being paired with your opposite, a Scorpio, is enough to rattle anyone, especially if you’re new to the job or area. Luckily, as a Taurus, you have plenty of patience and will let some snappishness on Scorpio’s part slide by as long as he or she is contributing their all. And, truthfully, when does a Scorpio not contribute their all? Whether it’s overtime, research or less time off, your partner will match your efforts and stamina. The two of you might enjoy working together enough to consider a permanent partnership, whether business or romance.

Aquarius enjoys being the ‘company flake,’ the hippie, or the kid and likely won’t take kindly to you trying to keep every working hour focused solely on the big contract. Your best bet here Taurus, is to insist on going out to funky little places for lunch and not talking business. Aquarius probably has some deeply-felt causes which you can relate to as well, whether it’s saving endangered species or clean air and water for all. Meeting on common ground when not working means better communications during that 9 to 5.

*Gemini: May 21-June 21

When confronted with a Virgo, you may be so caught up in the outward differences between the two of you, the similarities cannot be seen. But there are major points of compatibility: both of you are ruled by Mercury, which means you’re communicators and comfortable with expressing yourselves, at least in the workplace. Another point is that you two (should I say ‘three’?) think quickly and likely speak quickly too. Twins may find it advantageous to ignore Virgo nit-picking and concentrate on the bigger picture.

Working – or trying to do so – with a Sagittarius may sorely try a Gemini’s patience. While you have many friends and are constantly on your phone, the Archer may best your record as to how many conversations can occur in one eight-hour work day. But you must admit working with a Sagittarius can make the heaviest workload a little less onerous, with his/her light-hearted approach to just about everything. You may find after-hours ‘meetings’ fun too.

Pisces can inadvertently makeGemini’s teeth hurt, as theydaydream through interminable meetings and yet manage to snap into the subject with a cogent comment. Fish see many sides of any issue, and may hesitate to choose one path, so you may have to make the decisions. Pisces will graciously yield to you on this count, as long as you also shoulder the responsibility for said decisions being carried out.

*Moonchild: June 22-July 22

Dealing with a Libra whose opinion seems to change with the wind currentswill be an experience a Moonchild won’t soon forget. Just as the Libra appears to have settled on the responsibility for reports, meetings, presentations and research, the thought occurs that perhaps the division of labor isn’t equitable. And so the process starts again, while the Moonchild is left wondering when anything is going to be accomplished. Fear not – two Cardinal signs will reorganize that department, bring up the sales stats or produce a brilliant marketing campaign in the nick of time – if they can keep from killing each other.

Your opposite sign, Capricorn, may turn out to be the best sidekick you’ve ever had. He/she is entirely willing to work long hours and get that project into working order while you look after your kids with the flu, as long as both your names are prominently featured in the charts and reports going to the big boss. Capricorn is always interested in either becoming the head of a company, or forming a new one. Bringing along former associates, as long as they’re hardworking, is a matter of course for the Sea Goat.

That steam coming out of your ears may be due to your current working partner, Aries as he/she tries to run the entire show. You’ll have to put your foot down firmly (remember this project may pay for the kids’ college) and wrest control over at least half of the inner workings, or be left standing outside the door when the accolades get passed out – and you get passed over.

Even working from home, compatibility rather than animosity is a much better working – or social – environment. Zoom meetings don’t need to be at sword’s point.     – MZ

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