Compatibility/Animosity Part Two

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Actually, there are no two astrology signs whose natives absolutely cannot ‘get along’ if both parties are willing to work at reconciling their differences. That said, however, there are always going to be people with whom you are not going to be best friends, and often this point is reached during the first few minutes of acquaintance. Astrology may be useful in determining the ‘flash points’ so the two of you can work together if necessary, live together (in the case of siblings or other relatives) or be in habitual contact with each other. Here are some guideposts.

*Leo: July 23-August 22

Here again, a Fire Sign is going to try and oversee, boss and take credit for the entire campaign or project simply because the King of the Jungle – well, it is the Law of the Jungle too. Luckily, most Leos don’t see the need to push so overtly, and the working relationship with a Scorpio will be much calmer as a result. Both of you are opinionated, however, and will have to avoid arguments which interfere with getting the work done. Scorpio is great at finding competitors’ strengths and weaknesses; Leo, you are very good at being the spokesman of the corporate ‘face.’ Divide the load and conquer.

Aquarius, the opposite of Leo in so many ways – and your nerves can attest to that. If there’s a ‘feel good’ aspect to the work you’re both embroiled in, let the Water Bearer forge ahead on that part. (While you definitely have a social conscience, you aren’t usually protesting in the streets or organizing rallies.) Aquarius will do whatever it takes to right social injustice. Expect your corporation to be made part of the surrounding community.

A Leo and a Taurus would seem to be on the road to failure as a team chosen to turn your corporation around. Not necessarily, though, as a Taurus will continue on the path set out by careful planning, while you put out forest fires and slay dragons. Both these aptitudes have considerable value in the real world, and utilizing them in tandem may result in new ideas and products to keep the corporation humming for years into the future. A co-Vice Presidency would not be amiss.

*Virgo: August 23-September 22

Your schoolteacher attitude can really irritate a Sagittarius until he/she realizes you can’t help sounding pedantic. Remember the Archer is often the class clown in school – schedule plenty of ‘goof off’ time in the midst of waging corporate battle so the two of you will work much more harmoniously together. In other areas, such as being neighbors, try not to take your pruning shears over to the Sagittarius side and ‘correct’ the overgrowth. It may be a field of their carefully-chosen wildflowers instead of weeds.

Opposites attract, according to an old saying, but much depends on the reason for the relationship – business, relative, possible romantic partner. Keep in mind, Virgo, that the very traits which ‘drive you up the wall’ in conducting business with a Pisces may appear charming in an affair. (Or not.) You had best assign everything with a deadline to yourself and leave the broader picture of the reason for the project to the Fish and their philosophical musings. They can be quite useful in sensing the undercurrents and hidden motives of competition or anticipate rivals’ moves far in advance.

Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, so communication is key to any wok or projects being done together. You are usually happiest with a routine and schedules; Gemini shudders at all of those. Insist Gemini write down all pertinent deadlines and set weekly reminders on his/her phone, then decide how to split the workload. Remember you’re dealing with Twins here; it may become necessary to distract the ‘evil twin’ with something completely unrelated to the project while you and the hardworking Twin get things done.

*Libra: September 23-October 22

As a Libra, you may not be aware that watching you make a decision could be very painful for the other person, especially a hard-headed, practical Capricorn. They make decisions quickly and efficiently. These people were born knowing the corporate hierarchy and are at ease working within it. They do intend to be at the top of their firm (or owning it) in the near future. Follow the Sea Goat’s lead when dealing with getting approval or forgiveness from the upper ranks. And let them make the decisions.

Trying to stop an Aries in run-away train mode is nearly impossible. Your best recourse is to send said Aries to someone several levels above you both, and have the Ram explain to the corner office why such-and-such is necessary. When he/she returns to your work area (with, or on their shield), you’ll need to apply salve to their wounds. That done, suggest a new tangent for your project and watch the Aries recover quickly.

A Moonchild often is unavoidable for a Libra; within the nuclear family circle, or amongst the select group being groomed for the corporate dynasty, are disparate traits and talents around every corner. You may have to grit your teeth and remind the Crab that the corporation expects all of its members to work well together. This doesn’t mean you both spend all of your vacation time together for the next fifteen years. But for anything to get done, the team must always pull in the same direction.

*Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Keep reminding yourself you do indeed have traits in common; you and Taurus will give your all to the good of the firm. However, trying to push either of you beyond what is fair and equitable will result in revolt. And rightly so; your limits are many times further than ordinary humans can stand. Work together in respect for the other’s stamina and energy, and simply leave the rest of your coworkers to mediocrity.

You may not comprehend the inner drive of an Aquarius to include what appears to be every special-interest group in the vicinity, but rest assured your campaign or massively large project will be all the better for it. The Water Bearer thinks in large numbers when considering humans, and wants results to benefit all. This of course usually pits them against the eventual corporate goal, but watch several social ills be ‘ironed out’ in the process. And after working with an Aquarius, you may find yourself pushing for the greater good as well.

Asking a Scorpio to use a little flattery to get a Leo started on a project is totally foreign behavior, but the results will be surprising. The Leo simply wants recognition for his/her efforts, and is that too large a favor to ask? Certainly not. Bear in mind the Lion has hidden traits and talents that are only brought forth in a welcoming setting, and these attributes can point the final outcome toward award-winning rather than merely adequate. A Leo will work with his/her whole heart for a goal they, too, believe in. Give them those beliefs.

Next Monday concludes this look at ‘getting along’ with signs you may not have considered as good working (or romantic partners). I hope some of the information may prove useful to you.    MZ

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