Thinking about the “Great Resignation’ last week, and how it’s going to impact our entire society for likely several generations. (Don’t forget, this may go back to Pluto in Capricorn and its conjunction with Saturn which lasted for months. Pluto destroys before rebuilding, Saturn brings duty and heavy responsibility, and this conjunction was present at the very formation of our country.)

Note for the majority of us ordinary folk, the ‘Great Resignation’ also has several  definitions: either you’re leaving your work for another position, changing your entire career, retiring early or – resigning yourself to glumly putting in the hours instead of working at something which engages your heart and efforts. Grey office, grey expectations, grey future.

Why is this happening to so many at the same time?

My conjecture: have you realized that at least 80% of people have the Tenth House which rules their career/lifework/vocation square their Sun? (If you’re using an unequal house system or your Sun is on the cusp, you may not have this aspect. Count your blessings if this is your particular case.)

Whatever meets the most pressing needs of the moment is best, IMO. Food, clothing and shelter are obvious necessities. But perhaps it helps you feel a little better to know there are millions of other working people who have been, are now, or will be charting their way through the same dilemmas. Having your Natal Sun, your basic nature, pitted against your employment is a tremendous opportunity and/or problem to untangle. Most current news articles mention the incredible balance which must be maintained between a person’s home life and daily labor. This is a very delicate balance too, especially if children or elderly parents are involved.

Kudos to the Millennials and Generation Z, who’ve stood up and refused to work 60-80 hours a week in pursuit of ephemeral ‘perks’ when they could be working fewer hours and be home instead. Kudos to the people who continue to work remotely, thus gaining a sense of mastery over their labor by foregoing the commuting grind and other soul-stealing peripherals of the modern workplace. (Yes, I do include office politics and the tyranny of the chit-chat gossip, so often malicious.) Kudos to the families who’ve pulled up stakes and while not setting out in a covered wagon, nevertheless have transferred their lives to a smaller town with scaled-down expectations as well. We’ll be a better society once these individual changes have eased stress, relieved some financial burdens and re-created Main Street in a beneficial, holistic manner.

Keep the faith.

Heads up, star watchers. This week holds a bit of the unusual. Thursday night into early Friday morning, our favorite satellite will be involved in a nearly three-and-a-half-hour partial eclipse, the longest observed in many years. It begins around 11 PM Eastern Thursday night and 2 AM Friday morning Pacific time. Since the Full Moon in Gemini is on Friday, my advice to The Twins and Sagittarius as well would be to stay home and view the eclipse from your backyard. Driving a car, for some reason, always seems a bit tricky during Moon in Gemini anyway. Put the odds in your favor by throwing your own Eclipse Party and having friends over instead of traveling to their place. Virgo and Pisces, you may also be affected to a lesser degree, but you’re not usually out at those hours of the night anyway. Pajama party, anyone? – MZ

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