Egad – An Error

Your favorite ancient astrologer, Madame Zombra, has made a mistake.

It’s a technicality in some respects, but one must be honest and own up to it. I wrote, “Since the Full Moon in Gemini is on Friday…” in my usual column this past Monday. The Full Moon ecliptic event will actually be in Taurus, as an eclipse may only occur during a Full Moon. (Remember? The Moon has no light of its own; hence it reflects the Sun’s light in whatever amount is available, depending on whether the the Earth is in the way or whatever.)

The Moon enters Gemini close to midnight on Friday, well after the eclipse has run its course. Here’s a tip for readers who are also studying astrology: a Full Moon always occurs in the sign opposite to the one being transited by the Sun. For example, a Full Moon in Pisces will only occur during the Sun’s transit of Virgo.

Now, the Moon’s ability to affect us Earth folk will still be quite strong, so I stand by my advice to Geminis and Sagittarians, particularly for the weekend. Taurus and Scorpio Sun signs may wish to exercise a little more caution as well. The vibes shouldn’t intrude too much on plans Leo and Aquarius have made; just check the guest list a little more carefully for that pajama party you have scheduled.

And may I make a recommendation (without compensation, monetary or otherwise; if you wish to have a reliable and concise ephemeris for your studies, purchase a copy of The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, years 2000 to 2050 at Midnight, by Michelsen and Pottenger.

My apologies for the error in my column. And it wasn’t during a Retrograde Mercury. No excuses. Mea culpa.

#Madame Zombra