There’s an excellent book, “The Fourth Turning,”* still available after a bit of searching, which I recommend if you’re debating whether history repeats itself or life is simply a series of random events.

Astrologers, of course, are vastly and professionally fascinated by cycles of time. This book deals with that premise, that time/history follows a pattern which can be predicted to an alarming degree of accuracy. (Perhaps mankind is simply inimical to change.)

The book title refers to the period of time referred to as a Crisis occurring during the Fourth Turning of the eras, and subjecting society as a whole to huge disruptions and upheavals. This is not an easy book to read; some of the charts are ambiguous and the authors missed a few of the salient points concerning our current Millennials. But the main point, I think, is that by being prepared for the past to predict the future and taking proactive actions in your own life, you can mitigate some of the more shattering changes which will inevitably occur.

Now, a pertinent question arises: how does your Sun sign deal with a crisis and the need for immediate adjustments to everyday life?

Aries: Generally considered to be at home in a crisis, some people actually accuse Aries people of not only enjoying a crisis but of creating them. Aries deals best with the larger picture of any situation; leaving the details and cleanup to other, less in-your-face signs. If an Aries can assume the leadership role in a crisis and not become immobilized by too many choices of action, the crisis will be resolved and all will be well.

Taurus: This sign will resist a crisis with all the inner determination/stubbornness at his or her disposal. A Taurus will not be rushed nor pushed into immediate action, unless the crisis is truly life-threatening. Taking the time to survey the situation and consider not only possible steps to resolve it but to deal with the aftermath are hallmarks of a Taurus’ thought processes. And the crisis will be dealt with most thoroughly.

Gemini: One Twin stays calm while the other Twin frantically tries to choose which course of action must be undertaken within seconds to avoid catastrophe – or at least, that’s the impression a Gemini creates in any crisis. Whether this leadership style is undertaken consciously or not is known only to the particular Gemini. John Kennedy was a Gemini, and history has now decided to reconsider whether the President acted truly for the best in the Bay of Pigs and other incidents during his tenure in office. Odd how prevalent revisionist history is becoming today.

Cancer: Preserving the home and family is always at the forefront of any Moonchild’s mind, crisis be damned. Most likely there are enough foodstuffs, water, medical supplies and other needed items for survival squirreled away in the aforesaid home to keep the family in relative comfort for quite a long time. Cancer fears hunger and shortages, therefore adding to stockpiles is a normal course of action. The best way to resolve any crisis, to their thinking, is first to be sure everyone is fed and sheltered from the elements.

Leo: Natural leaders, the saddest human on earth is a deposed Leo who was refused the chance to be the Hero in a crisis. While they may lack the finesse of a Scorpio in dealing with an enemy, a Leo is brave and quick to defend home and family. They find unsuspected depths of courage when pushed to the wall, and can inspire hope in their followers. Their regal bearing seems to subdue a crisis at the outset.

Virgo: These Sun signs prefer to have detailed plans made ahead of time to deal with any foreseeable crisis. They have the happy ability to appear calm while everyone else is rushing about and trying to find solutions. If they can implement those plans fairly quickly, other people involved in the resolution will be grateful for the careful outlines of steps to be taken in an orderly manner.

Libra: Which course of action will be best is the dilemma that besets a Libra in a crisis. If Plan A works, does it also cover the other puzzle pieces Plan B took into account? Perhaps a hybrid of the two will lead to a good resolution – or would Plan C cover everything after all? What to do, and when, and for how long – all debatable. This is when Libra needs someone to lean over his shoulder and say, “Here! I pressed the button for you! Now let’s get to the bunker.” 

Scorpio: This sign positively thrives on crisis after crisis. Got a war, a famine, a flood and a fire all breaking out simultaneously? You’ll see a radiantly happy Scorpio as he or she deals handily with each one or all of them at the same time without even having to mop the sweat off his brow. But remember to be a bit effusive in your praise and thanks for the efficient handling of the situation – or the Scorpio may not respond the next time.

Sagittarius: You’ll have to get the attention of any Sag you want to help you in a crisis. Once that’s achieved, you can count on this sign putting its bountiful optimism and unflagging energies to immediate work on the problem. If sheer good nature can batter down the wall of looming disaster to the size of an ant den, just step aside and let Sagittarius have a go at it. Watch out for falling timber or plaster, and expect a few skeletons in the closet to be rudely shaken out of their hiding places.

Capricorn: This sign will calmly sit down and not only quietly assess the situation, but calculate the financial costs as well. Practical down to the cuticles, a Capricorn does not deal with any sort of uproar. When a spokesman can describe the calamity without hyperbole or dramatics, the Capricorn will evaluate, and then solve the impossible equation. He or she will likely sell you an insurance policy on the spot as well, to guard against future disruptions.

Aquarius: These people recognize every soul on this plane as a brother or sister. And if a family member is hurting, the Aquarian feels compelled to assist in whatever form seems best. While the Water-bearer may not have cash-stuffed wallets for rescuing your struggling restaurant, he or she will tie on an apron and sweep the floors, wait on hungry customers, clean tables and prepare surprisingly good dishes from the most meagre of ingredients. Whoever has an Aquarian for a friend has an entire plethora of assistance at the ready. But don’t feel insulted when the crisis has reached a satisfactory conclusion and you don’t see or hear from the Aquarian for weeks afterward. He or she has ridden to the rescue of the next friend up the road.

Pisces: A shoulder to cry on, prayers or chanting, incense or essential oils; expect a Pisces to offer almost a spiritual experience as he or she tries to resolve the crisis in your life. This sign is not the most practical in the zodiac, but Pisces natives may leave you feeling a bit better about the collapse of your world, simply because they do care so deeply. And they will check on you in future, by phone or email, to see if you’ve chosen well from the myriad of solutions you were presented with upon meditation with your Pisces mentor. A companionable guide to the forest indeed, but don’t trip over the multitude of tree roots.

We will all have to draw upon the very best characteristics of our Sun Signs in order to win ‘World War C.’      – Madame Zombra

*The Fourth Turning; William Strauss and Neil Howe, Random House. Still available either as an e-book, audiobook, or in used editions (or perhaps at your local library).