The new ‘nearmal’

Painting by Steve Johnson

All right. The experts are finally admitting we may never go back to ‘normal.’ This seems to be particularly applicable to those of us who are segregated into the High Risk Category, by underlying health issues or age or poor lifestyle choices (smoking, for example).

I’ve read quite a few articles on this subject, and agree with the consensus.

But then I feel compelled to ask, “But would you want to go back to just ‘normal’? What if your normal didn’t allow you to stretch creatively? What if your old normal felt stifling and too narrow? When your normal morphs into ennui, isn’t it time to re-evaluate and try some changes?”

So my word for the week is ‘nearmal.’

Near-to-normal is certainly ‘good enough’ for me. Room to explore, to expand perhaps, to create a different framework that doesn’t contain a true horizon but allows you to walk to the edge and look over into a new infinity.


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