Details, details, details

Occurring today, the total solar eclipse impacted Sagittarius and likely set off some thoughts or actions on everyone’s part to change their lives in a few small ways or details.

Nearly everyone is seeking more simplicity nowadays, whether in work, home or relationships – and it should be a bit reassuring to know that this astrological impact has basically affected everyone in the same manner. Maybe now is the time to rid yourself of that hideous vase Great-Aunt Persephone made during her arts and crafts period. See if you can’t generously gift her daughter with it, reassuring said daughter that you truly feel it should stay in the immediate family.

Getting rid of physical or emotional clutter can cause your horizons to open a little more. At least you’ll be able to see the forest again, even if there are still many arboreal obstacles standing between you and the dawn. Give yourself a little more credit for forging ahead despite tangible blockages, especially as this hideous year (which only felt like a decade) winds down and wends its way to calendar hell.

This would be a good time to give up smoking, overeating or other habits that affect health. It’s also a good time to acquire good habits, like eating better-balanced meals, or giving up that Friday latte each week and donating the money at the end of the month to a local food bank. No, the total sum isn’t tremendous – but it can mean another meal or two on the table for a family with small children.

Try not to avoid responsibilities or onerous tasks; your conscience can nag you into action but it just adds to the dislike for the matter at hand. Instead of leaning on said conscience (or elbowing it to shut it up), try Mel Robbins’ technique of counting 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1  and then plunge into the dirty work. It’s over sooner. (You can catch Mel Robbins on TED talks or Youtube. She can add a spark of motivation and encouragement to a dreary day.)

So happy eclipse, everyone. It’s an ill astrological event that shows no good.

Your stars are what you make of them. MZ

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