Dumbledore’s Socks

If you’re hoping for a carefully-curated list of gifts each Sun Sign would enjoy for the holidays …

I hate to disappoint you, duckies, but that would be a task for a mind-reader, not an astrologer. Case in point: remember Albus Dumbledore lamenting the fact that while he got gifts of books and many other nice things, he never received a pair of socks.

So while children the world over (and many grown-ups too) don’t want socks, or underwear or an umbrella or a vacuum cleaner, bear in mind there’s always the odd wizard (and most of them certainly are) who would be delighted if you broke out the argyles.

My best advice would be to casually accompany someone who’s hard to buy for to the nearest outlet center or one of the few remaining shopping malls. Take notes if you have to, but do observe what they seem to gravitate toward. Wrap the gift nicely, and then (and only then) cross your fingers they’ll like it.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May it be a peaceful and kindly holiday. – MZ