Multiple tools

I’ve always thought whatever tool an artist wanted to use was up to the artist. Like, some artists don’t like using a camera; they say it causes their creativity to diminish. Me, it’s never been a problem.

My creative writing professor always said, “Begin in reality; then let your imagination have full swing!” Heavy. Profound, even. Because you have to start with what you know to get the bones of a piece of art, whether you’re painting or writing. And then that like, starts the wheels turning, you know? From there you can add a zebra in a three-piece suit sitting behind a desk looking authoritative if you want. And a day lily lying on the floor of the office, trampled into the posh carpeting. You can do a whole number on the symbolism, see? Let whoever’s staring at the finished art add his or her own interpretation; the important thing is that someone’s looking at it and grooving on it.

So go paint or write or take a photo of whatever groove you’re currently in, man. And let me know how it turned someone on. – Tist