Finding a happy and fulfilling relationship

Some people just naturally select the right mate, the best profession, or invent something the world didn’t even realize was lacking until their product appeared. And these people, exquisitely rare in life, would be akin to a unicorn with wings. So realize now that the ‘perfect’ chart doesn’t exist, nor does the ‘exactly right’ pattern of planets between two charts bestow all that each person involved wants from the contemplated relationship.

Does this mean those persons seeking love, compatibility and genuine communication should simply resign themselves to settling for what they can find, or the least aggravating of several choices? No. Romance, after all, eludes definition as the very word has different meanings to each of us. To one person, romance may mean candy, flowers and sweet notes; to another, helping someone establish their career is the ultimate gesture of true love.  

So let’s look at some generalities and devise a simple list of planetary aspects that you may look for, anticipating that these will increase the odds in your favor of having a lasting and happy relationship rather than a superficial, simply erotic affair that has no future.

Keep in mind you can find astrology sites online which offer natal charts calculated for free – but take the planetary interpretations they also include with a great deal of skepticism. A trained astrologer is the best consultant for getting specifics from comparing your natal chart with that of another human. Most astrologers with years of experience have acquired an intuitive sense of which traits a certain planetary position offers in an individual’s chart. And of course the entire chart must be considered, as each planet affects every other planet while being enhanced or subdued by the natal Sun and Moon signs.

To begin, know that Venus, the planetary ruler of love in all its forms, never strays further than 48 degrees from the person’s Sun. This translates into Venus always being located either in the previous sign, the same sign, or one sign ahead of the natal Sun. An Aries will have Venus in Pisces, Aries, or Taurus. And this can mean an impulsive, impetuous, fire-breathing Aries could be quite happy with a stable, calm Taurus, if other aspects of their charts are compatible too. (Example: the Aries has Venus in Taurus, which pleasingly enough, is conjunct the Taurus Sun.) This gives you something definitive with which to start your search, as asking someone in whom you’re interested if they know which sign their natal Venus is in contributes an excellent pick-up line. In all seriousness, however, remember the formula – one sign behind, in the same sign, or one sign ahead. If you’re a Libra, look for a Virgo, a Libra or a Scorpio, figuring the odds are good your Venus will be in the same sign as their natal Sun. This gives a couple mutual interests in how romantic gestures are offered and interpreted.

Of course, there are several hundred aspects to be considered between two charts. If you’re truly serious about astrology, again, have your two charts carefully analyzed so you know where the conflicts may arise between the two of you. One of the most serious ‘red flags’ to steer you away from a potential pairing is the position of Saturn. Ask the one intriguing you where their natal Saturn is, and if it’s in the same sign as your Sun, run to the nearest exit. Immediately. This aspect is unfortunate, and is a major cause of divorce after any number of years. The person with Saturn squelching your Sun is not doing so deliberately or maliciously. Instead, it’s a consequence of the nature of Saturn itself – the stern father figure, the teacher, the guide who never hesitates to point out your errors or omissions. Oddly enough, this aspect appears quite often when the person of interest is approximately ten years older than you. This is due to Saturn’s orbit around the Sun and while it has no personal interest in ruining your love life, such is often the case.

Find out whether the other person’s Moon is in the same sign as your Sun, and if so, figure on a long and involved relationship, as compatibility is very high with this aspect. The other person’s Jupiter in the same sign as your Sun or Moon can mean the two of you will happily spend your days buying every luxury article either one of you can think of – just be sure you’re paying cash instead of using those credit cards. And if you’re wanting a mad sex life, ask where their Mars is – if it’s in the same sign as your Venus, you may get your wish, barring other factors which can temper the fire.

These hints may help you in your quest for true compatibility. I do hope so, as you are a valuable, caring, sincere human being, worthy of much love and deep affection in your life.

While there is no perfect relationship nor perfect chart, any indicators which can help you find a real love are worth considering, yes? – MZ