Two poems: Sista; Yolanda

 Steam frolicking around a Sista’s 
 Homemade vegan cannabis infused 
 Blueberry muffin, guaranteed to pick you up early. 
 Add a slather of Sista’s cannabutter
 (Sista’s so extra about everything)
 It’ll keep you out past curfew.
 Anything is possible.
 Sista fucking loves what she does. 
 She’s the Tom Brady of muffins. 
 Leaped out of bed, 
 Jumped into the shower, 
 Grabbed breakfast,
 Ubered to the airport, 
 Hopped the next flight to
 My Little Pony.
 And then I’m going to start crying
 And it’s going to be about me
 When it’s really about her,
 Her cutie marks.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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