Follow the money

Coins on a table top

When an Aquarian is seeking money, it’s often for a cause or what he/she perceives as a societal need. When a Pisces is seeking money, it’s likely because he/she forgot to pay the light bill. Aquarius is the social conscience, Pisces the absent-minded philosopher.

Aquarius can often enjoy working for non-profits or those underfunded causes that provide safety nets for people. They don’t really care about their homes – a place to sleep, eat and do laundry is just fine. Without the distractions of entertaining, or keeping up appearances, the Water Bearer has more time to be with friends or helping that charity or fund-raiser. As long as an Aquarius has money enough to keep body and soul together, even a small fortune isn’t really of interest. Now, this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t accept a large lottery jackpot. The chances of one lasting for very long and not melting away in their hands aren’t good, however. Probably the kindest thing you could do for an Aquarian relative or friend who receives a hefty amount would be to take it to the bank for him or her, and have the bank set it up to be doled out as a trust, with checks appearing regularly for living expenses. Don’t be mean and let them lose most of it just so you can say, “I told you so.” Be altruistic and rescue the Water Bearer from him- or herself.

Much of what has been written above about an Aquarian could also be true for a Pisces. The difference is, a Pisces will trust the wrong people to guide him or her with their retirement fund, for example, and follow bad advice: investing in rental houses just when the housing market drops. A Pisces is too naïve to ask suspicious questions and be distrustful, especially if the person eager to help with stock purchases or Bitcoin is a friend or relative. Uncle Festus may have already lost several fortunes in learning to be a day trader, but that doesn’t mean a Pisces will consider his training or even aptitude before handing over sizable funds. And, just like an Aquarius, a Pisces isn’t truly committed to amassing a fortune, especially if it involves regular deposits of small amounts, or cutting back some extravagances, or even turning off a few of the lights on all over the house. The Fish prefer to contemplate how many parallel universes each soul occupies instead of going after a loaf of bread. On the other hand, you may find a Pisces who’s gone to the extreme of being a professional miser.

And none of the above may hold true if either the Aquarius or Pisces has multiple planets in Earth signs or a family to support. Check the Moon sign and the Ascendant to get a better picture overall – and the other planetary positions for the details.

It’s the small things that can become big surprises.  – MZ