Zombra Alert

It’s not an annual occurrence, dear readers, but as the stars mark their courses, we mortals sometimes feel we experience a ‘glitch’ in the system. This special column is to alert you to one of those glitches, in that 2022 contains not the usual three Mercury Retrogrades … but four.  

However, don’t despair – yet.

If virtue is its own reward, so is vigilance. And being forewarned of an extra retrograde period means such vigilance can pay off in keeping appointments, carefully considering any legal papers before signing, and in general, keeping our lives running a bit more smoothly than the hapless folks who have no idea why things are getting more and more scrambled.

Now – readers, start your calendars.

The first Retrograde Mercury begins in mere days – January 14, continuing until February 4, 2022. Mercury is currently transiting Aquarius and will retreat into Capricorn, turning direct in the Sea Goat’s ocean on the fourth of February. This retrograde will likely impact Aquarians, Leos, Capricorns and Cancers (Moon Children).

Aquarians will be most affected, and they should be the most careful about checking schedules, conferences, appointments or even arrival and departure times for their flights. Since the planet of communication retreats into Aquarians’ Twelfth House, they may have to deal with odd issues such as strange dreams, forgotten arguments and being their own worst enemy. Watch the office or neighborhood gossip at this time; avoid participating in – or causing it.  

Leos, check your due dates for bills and don’t trustingly pay a ‘subscription’ you don’t remember ordering. Watch for scams in your email box and simply discard any email that feels ‘odd’ – that’s your intuition warning you to be cautious. Talk matters over with your partners before signing a new lease on offices or paying your portion of a chartered fishing trip (especially if you have very little interest in same). Get a little extra rest during these three weeks and reduce your worrying time by at least an hour daily.

Capricorns may feel as if they’ve been ambushed from behind January 28 through February 3, 2022, if a huge undertaking suddenly arises with their name on it. Fear not. If any sign can take a deep breath and quietly set about organizing this Herculean task, it’s you. And you’ll be solo probably less than a week before you can enlist some help. Just be sure that whoever the authority is who gave this project to you pays you handsomely for the many hours you’ll put in on it.

That same six days of Retrograde Mercury (January 28 – February 3) may provoke apprehension amongst Moon Children; a vague unease that they can’t quite define. Keep a closer eye on any known enemies you may have but don’t fear them; it’s not likely they can do you any real harm unless you agree to partner with them without getting all the details first. You always have the power to say, “No,” and don’t be bashful about doing so. Simply say you don’t have time to participate, but you wish them well in their new enterprise.

The next Retrograde Mercury happens from May 10 until June 3, when Mercury resumes forward motion once more. Affecting Geminis, Sagittarians, Taureans and Scorpios most, this is also a longer retrograde period than many, lasting for 24 days instead of the usual 21 or 22.

Gemini Twins, don’t allow your glib tongue and fast thinking to get both of you embroiled in a potential lawsuit or family fight. Maybe you could vacation on a desert island for two weeks (until May 24) and thus avoid any temptation to meddle, supervise with too much harsh criticism, or play both sides against the middle. Sidestep choosing one participant over another in any case, and use all your wiles to be diplomatic. Those involved in the kerfuffle may thank you later.

Sagittarius, pay more attention to your spouse or significant other for a couple of weeks. Put down your phone when that special person in your life enters the room, and really listen to what they may be saying. Slip off for a romantic dinner for only two if you can, or if the budget is squeaky-tight, cook dinner yourself – and clean up afterward. That romantic dinner may last for hours, and you’ll be glad of the lovely interlude it provides.

Taurus, you may have many details within a situation become transparent after May 24 – but don’t act on them, if possible, until Mercury turns direct in Taurus on June 3. Gather reports and as much information as you can find, so that the best course of action for you almost announces itself with flashing lights and banner headlines. You’ll be better able to begin that diet and lose those pounds too at this time.

Scorpios, expect May 24 to begin a time of facts and inferences revealing themselves to your interested ears or arriving in your inbox without much fanfare. As you prefer the behind-the-scenes approach anyway, this will suit your ‘keeping your cards hidden’ nature until you can decide just how much you want to risk – whether money, time or a tiny portion of your heart. Remind yourself if it’s something that’s attracted your attention, it’s bound to be unusual, esoteric or downright supernatural anyway – so enjoy it.

September 10 to October 2, 2022 sees Mercury retreat from Libra into Virgo on September 24 and turn direct in Virgo eight days later. Of course this affects Librans, Virgos, Aries and Pisces, just to unsettle air, earth, fire and water denizens of the zodiac. Libra, check to be sure that wedding venue is still set aside, or the cruise tickets haven’t been cancelled and replaced due to the pandemic’s evil reach. The first two weeks of this retrograde are probably not the best time for you to suddenly decide to dye your hair, get a tattoo, or elope. Consider the consequences before you do anything rash – remember, as The Scales, your life flows smoothly only when you can keep most things fairly calm. And don’t pick a fight simply because you’re bored.

Virgo, you could have to suddenly revise your carefully-planned budget as your Second House of money may take a direct hit. Of course, this could be in the form of a super investment opportunity that shouldn’t be brushed aside – but don’t sign the paperwork until after October 2. Use your gift for nit-picking to meticulously examine the prospectus, the list of Board of Directors’ names, the projected income and so on. If it still doesn’t ‘feel right,’ then don’t invest. Simplicity of action can save the nest egg.

This Mercury Retrograde time might be good for Aries to engage in some old-fashioned public relations. Has your company neglected to fully engage with the community in which it’s located, or its production line really doesn’t have much diversity? Are the workers expected to be just so many interchangeable parts, and nearly ignored until wide-spread ennui affects them? But don’t do ‘window dressing’ or hold a company picnic for the neighborhood and expect small gestures to garner big gratitude. There may be years of overlooking the customers or laborers to be addressed.

Pisces, you may have your ears stand at attention after September 24, when your Seventh House of relationships gets a jolt, first from little things you’ve accidentally ignored which now assume much larger outlines, and then the Universe demands you start to make reparations as Mercury turns direct, still in Virgo on October 2. You have a big and generous heart, and can think of many ways to soothe wounded feelings – if you’ll take a bit of time to let these ideas bubble up from your subconscious. Kiss and make up.

Finally, the last bit of Mercury Retrograde for 2022 begins on December 29, when the planet of communication slips into reverse in Capricorn. Mercury spends its entire backward march in Capricorn, too, turning direct January 18, 2023, still in – you guessed it – Capricorn. As Pluto still lurks in that same Earth sign, there may be some ‘slings and arrows’ aimed at everyone’s status or profession, or odd revelations about a political situation could be blown completely out of proportion. Perhaps this would be the best time to ingratiate yourself with the boss or get on the good side of your mother-in-law. Whatever, step carefully, use your tact and reveal no secrets – especially if you’re a Sea Goat. Avoid those ocean riptides and stay safely on shore.

Into everyone’s life a few Mercury Retrogrades must fall; and sometimes, more than a few.  – MZ

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