Friday the Thirteenth – good!

Some people will view this coming Friday with trepidation. In my opinion, it’s a good day – because, dear readers, it marks the end of Mars being retrograde in Aries. And, of course, the day itself and its unfolding will depend upon your superstitious nature. If you have a different superstition for each day of the week, for many actions throughout the hours, or can recite an ‘old wives’ tale’ to suit any occasion, you’ve either read too many fables as a child or were reared by superstitious people.

So how does your Sun Sign react to superstition in general?

Aries: You don’t have time to be superstitious and regard any of the old sayings as so much poppycock. You believe your actions are far more important than adhering to certain protocols or movements – avoiding walking under a ladder, for example, would simply be to dodge getting a paintbrush dropped on your head, not for anything else. (And of course, the paintbrush would land on your head – you are an Aries.) Dare I suggest you’re a wee bit superstitious about being labeled ‘superstitious’ ?

Taurus: You rather enjoy listening to the old folks talk about harbingers of odd weather or circumstances. Folklore has some common sense applications every once in a while, and it does tie you to your ancestors and their lives a bit more strongly. You’re known for picking up a copy of an almanac for weather predictions or reading traditional tall tales to the grandkids.

Gemini: Superstition? You’re too modern and way too cool for such things. Besides, if you don’t catch the third elevator as it’s descending to your floor, it’s going to be a rotten day – you can feel it in your bones. Just shoo people away when they try to distract you from your five concurrent spinning projects with such nonsense as ‘knocking on wood.’

Cancer: Collecting ‘old wives’ tales’ would mean sitting for hours and listening to your elderly relatives … frankly, that’s an afternoon in which you’d positively bask. Take a recorder along or video the memories, because you’ll want to visit those happy times again in the future, when your forebears are no longer on this plane. Perhaps you could collect old photos in an album and attach a significant story or legend to each person pictured – that would truly be a family treasure.

Leo: Wearing your lucky tie or socks on a day the boss wants to talk to you makes you feel a little more confident. While you don’t want to ever admit feeling apprehensive when sitting across from the person who has the power to determine your career, having your lucky tokens along does boost you mentally – and that’s when it’s needed, after all. Maybe you’ll get that raise and a promotion.

Virgo: Some people rely too much on lucky tokens and obscure sayings when confronted with choices or dilemmas, in your book. You prefer to be hard-headed and practical, having rehearsed your speech or presentation until you feel it’s polished to human perfection. And then if you don’t get that raise or promotion – well, that Leo from the next department was wearing his lucky socks, after all. Not your fault.

Libra: Which superstitions do you believe? Dozens of birds are sitting on the power wires outside your office window. Are they anticipating a storm? Gathering because there’s an ample food supply beneath their feet? Fleeing mowers and weed-eaters in the park below? Or predicting a change in the weather, and not for the better? Which should you believe, and perhaps you might take an umbrella, just in case?

Scorpio: People might be superstitious about you, as you seem to be fully armored against mishap or disaster – no simple superstition would dare to attract your notice. You’re the person in the room who could cause a stampede by simply remarking, “We’d better get out of here,” and giving everyone your laser-like piercing look. But be prepared to lead everyone to safety, should you ever say so – they’ll expect you to become an instant hero on the spot.

Sagittarius: You’re not going to fault people for believing in superstitions, but you honestly can’t see why having your left palm itching means money is coming very near you. If your wallet was in your left hand, well, then you would believe it – and chuckle over it too. But in general, you make your own luck or mischance. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and not met with apprehension because something isn’t quite right.

Capricorn: If a major client of yours doesn’t want to sit with his back to your office door, then find another place to conduct your meeting. And have your desk shifted so that happenstance doesn’t occur again. Why antagonize someone who’s very valuable to your firm? You’ll work with people and their foibles, even if you don’t understand them. Of course, you do have the very first dollar you ever earned framed and kept in a private place. But that’s just nostalgia, in which you indulge very infrequently.

Aquarius: You’ll ‘hear people out’ if they want to tell you all the mishaps that happened to them on Friday the Thirteenth – but to you, it’s just another day. You’ll take your own chances, and not look for a scapegoat when things go wrong. But you enjoy fellow workers or family and their new stories – and may even add a few of your own. You have yet to meet a stranger, and people may well unburden themselves to you frequently.

Pisces: You absorb superstitions almost like fresh air, as you seek to make sense of this very puzzling world. You’ll recall stories from your childhood and wonder if they could possibly apply in the situations in which you find yourself in today’s odd hours. Keeping a journal might help in retrieving some of your more fanciful thoughts – and then turn them into a book. You could craft a bestseller.

Enjoy the rush of returned energy on Saturday, November 14. And don’t walk under ladders any day of the week. MZ

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