Gonna remind you again

I firmly believe everyone has some sort of artistic talent inside, like my still-learning friend sketched above. Maybe you can bake and decorate a cake that looks exactly like Hogwarts. Or you help someone who’s lost by drawing a set of directions, and they find the store they were looking for by following your map. Your smart phone photos are constantly circulated on social media. You’re creative and you’re artistic. You need a little more belief in yourself.

So right now you can’t afford tuition for art classes – go Google or YouTube ‘free drawing lessons’ or ‘free art lessons.’ And stand back! Man, you got an avalanche in your laptop or phone. Any age, any medium, and skill level from 0 to just brushing up (yeah, I meant the pun) is online waiting for you.

Now, I don’t get paid for mentioning some sites I’ve found, but I do like Jerry’s Artarama. They’ve been around since the net was just a blip – started 1968 – and they’ve got thousands of lessons, literally. Thought Co.com has a list of more places for free online drawing classes, and Udemy has a few no-fee classes as well. Pick and choose.

You have no excuse for just watching old re-runs when you’re stuck at home. If the weather’s bad, learn to paint a beautiful sunset. Make it one with lots of happy little clouds and don’t forget the trees – Bob Ross lessons are available online too.

Feed your mind, you know? Make art, not boredom. – Tist