A. R. Tist

Music hath charms

Have you tried drawing, painting, sketching or using pastels while listening to music? IMO, the music you’re listening to will have an effect on your art. Upbeat music for me somehow plays into brighter colors and more impressionistic forms. Doleful sounds will influence a really drab palette (so will mournful country music, come to think …

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It’s the music

This is trippin’. The music you’re listening to while you’re doing something creative really does influence the results, man. Mind-blowing. Give it a try and let me know what happens as you get grooving. – A.R. Tist #onedimensionalartist

Another resource

I’ve found another resource for you to explore. You may be getting tired of me telling you that you’re creative, have talent you don’t know about, and you need to do something to express yourself. Well. If you’re feeling nagged, I apologize for that – but I’m not going to stop. In an ideal world, …

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Frida Kahlo

On this International Women’s Day 2023, I’d like to quote Frida Kahlo: “I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.” Every artist, ultimately, must paint their own reality, whether in their art or in their life. Where’s your brush? A.R. Tist #onedimensionalartist