Groovy to think about

Man, isn’t it awesome to think that a lot of art is created today just as it was, like, centuries ago? The oil paint’s pretty much the same, the canvas gets stretched really in virtually the identical steps, and any artist is going to hold a brush similar to the way daVinci or Degas or Kahlo held one.

But the really far out ‘think’ is that a group of artists could have the same subject to stare at, and the same amount of time to create their vision of that scene in front of them … and no two paintings would be identical.

If that isn’t psychedelic, I don’t know what is. -A.R. Tist

PS – My apologies for not posting here for a while. I’m not proficient in electronics or even requiredtronics, but when a server and its tower gets hit by lightning, it’s really fried. And I went on writing my thoughts and sending them to be rendered into online blogs, not realizing nothing was getting out – or in, for that matter. So, reader people, you had either a vaca or a respite – and I’m not going to ask which.

But thanks for coming back to read this. Hope future blogs will interest you too. Peace.

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