It’s me again

“The future is not what it used to be.”

Every so often, I get a little poetic or writer-ly, you know? (Wish I’d been born a Beat Poet.) (bummer) And some little oddities creep into my work. I’m still interested in collage; experimenting with it when I have time, so this is my latest. Hope you like it. (It’s not supposed to be real serious, k?)

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Go ahead and eat that second piece of pumpkin pie – YOLO! Although, if you’re not supposed to be over-indulging, you may not feel like you’re really living it up when the second piece decides to wreak revenge.

Oh, man. I sound just like my daddy-o. Too soon – I’m not that old. I don’t even know any Dad jokes. Well – a groovy holiday to all! A.R. Tist