Monday Musings

Hello, duckies!

It’s your favorite ancient astrologer, Madame Zombra, clicking in at a different time and date. Not just to confuse you – no, indeed, that will happen soon enough as our little friend Mercury goes retrograde on (appropriately enough) December 13 – but to try a different tack. (And be of good cheer – Mercury goes direct at a very fitting date also – January 1, 2024. I can hardly wait.)

As you’ve noticed many times in the past, my studio is in an area uniquely vulnerable to odd weather such as thunderstorms with ground to air lightning, F3 tornadoes too close for comfort, power outages due to ice on the lines and so on. And even more irritating, these peculiar manifestations of weather seem to arrive just as yours truly has scheduled time to write the newest column and get in touch with all of the faithful readers among you.

Well, I say it’s spinach, and to hell with it.

My astrology column is going to be posted now on Mondays, and will generally be in an essay form, rather than a one-size-fits-all generic version of the more common and widely-known attributes of the science of the stars. (Of course, if you try it, and don’t like it, let me know. Not all of us enjoy reading or writing essays, in school or out.) Let’s see if we can’t circumvent the prevailing temperamental weather by re-scheduling, and also delve a little more deeply into the structure and parameters of astrology rather than columns too similar to the features which used to be in daily newspapers.

So, dear readers, thank you for your patience as we work together to foil the tempests and spill the tea out of any teapots we find. You are deeply appreciated. -MZ