Money makes the world go round

Leo and Virgo, please step up for your advice session.

What a Leo might consider an adequate fortune and the amount a Virgo might picture could easily be two widely (or wildly) varying figures. In general, a Lion likes to grab the check for everyone at the restaurant and treat all present. A Virgo, on the other hand, would probably invite everyone over for a delicious meatless meal, low in calories and high in vegetables and herbs for maximum health benefits.

So is a Leo too generous, and a Virgo too stingy?

Yes. And you may quote me on that.

A Leo may have numerous opportunities to really make the ‘big bucks’, just by knowing the right people, or having attended the best schools. They also have a warm, friendly attitude which opens a lot of doors for them. They need to start saving at a very early age, in order to have funds to invest when the neighbor’s son becomes a financial advisor and wants the Leo’s business to start his own career with a dependable investor. It’s hard for a Leo to sock away money, though, because there are so many temptations available: a better car, some nice cashmere sweaters (note – alpaca wool is actually warmer and softer in texture), a bigger home or whatever. It’d be less painful for the Leo to pay himself or herself 10% each month, tithe 10%, and live on 80% for all the necessary expenditures, including an automatically-deducted savings payment.

A morose Virgo is one without savings; a melancholy Virgo is unable to visualize what being financially independent would even look like. My advice would be to stop watching the pennies and doing so much cheese-paring in order to re-program your thinking. Learn to expect better than what you’ve had so far. You must start picturing a better employment situation, improved housing, some small rewards for yourself in order to move forward. It doesn’t make sense to buy a lottery ticket if you never expect to win. It isn’t practical to have your resumè professionally done and then submit it to job openings rather than the HR department, aiming for the first rung of a career. Teach yourself to reach higher.

Leos may have stayed home during this unrelenting pandemic, and chances for spending sprees have been curtailed. Don’t mourn missing out on the ‘fast fashion’ that’s causing havoc in nations doomed to receive other nations’ castoffs – old clothes which pile up and cannot be recycled because of polyester fibers or potentially lethal chemical dyes. Set your own style, and ignore the latest ‘in’ designer – Leos are famous for their attire anyway, so enjoy the limelight in carefully selected clothes rather than the latest fad. Do you really need a TV that covers one entire wall of your living room?  A four-wheel drive vehicle when the roughest terrain you traverse is a city street pothole? If you really want to be wealthy, take the money you’re saving and start your own business. That old saying about ‘you’ll never get anywhere working for anyone other than yourself’ may still be true today, and especially for Lions. You can work extremely hard if your big heart is engaged in a cause, a program, a worthwhile nonprofit – and why shouldn’t that dream be yours to begin with? Let your ambition rise again. Be that CEO with the legendary corner office – even if right now it’s the corner of the kitchen table. Leos are born to succeed. Allow yourself to do so. Pull that thorn from your paw that’s hindering you from being all that you can be and seize your chance to make your part of the world better because you’re in charge of it.

Now, Virgos, quit feeling virtuous because you can go for months without spending any more money than is absolutely, positively necessary. There is a maxim that ‘it takes money to make money’ and you may have to grit your teeth and work with this. If you need a better computer, or several classes to get ahead in your profession, then get them. Begin expecting chances for ‘side gigs’ to be offered to you, or for friends of friends to ask you to help them out, this time for pay. Take on the same 10%, 10%, 80% structure mentioned above for Leos, and really get your budget in line. Figure on a short weekend trip (house-sit for a relative) in order to get a new perspective on what’s actually lacking in your life. It may not be money. It might be time for yourself, or making a new friend, or a pastime that turns into an immensely lucrative vocation. Picture yourself without stress over finances, and anticipate enjoying your success. You’ll earn it. And you’ll share it, too.

You don’t need to join the military to be all you can be. Just live it.  – MZ

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