The Pit was Sold Out

Commuter trains clanging and dinging,
Tizzing birdzz in the ylang-ylang.
Skateboard mobsters,
Like wellness travelers,
Passing people slumped like fuyu persimmons.
I know. Right?

Yeah, for sure
I didn’t move here to be nonnormative.
I heard the new music.
I learned how to ollie, 
Argue politics and track packages.
It’s top of mind for me.
And my shoes are my temple.

I met the estheticians at a secure location,
Saxons I’d wager. 
Everybody shredding hard.
Weight loss, spray tan,
Estate planning,
Tattoo, waxing,
Text to waxwing.

Through precincts, wards, dioceses, districts,
But the pit was sold out for
Avid Defenders, with Pinheads, plus Damage Doers,
Pistil, and Coxswains Dig Doctors.
Exclusive product releases.
Limited edition merch.
Best food trucks.

Evening falling pistil whipped drunk.
Anne, dark, slim, sleek, touch-sensitive and alphanumeric,
Anne, who threw some snow at me.
If I were you, I said to myself,
Just before I landed flat on my papacy,
And she said quote 
Heavy metal rules.

© 2021 Randy Stark

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