Moods of the Moon

Here’s a small exercise some of you might enjoy trying out, especially if you’re keeping a journal regularly.

I’ll use the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries, to show you how you can keep track of your moods as influenced by the sign the Moon is currently transiting.

First, count three signs from Aries: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer. The sign Cancer is three signs from someone born under an Aries natal Sun, and this configuration is called a ‘square.’ Squares can often be difficult, emotional and downright irritating. For an Aries, when the Moon is transiting Cancer, smaller aggravations will come to the fore and Aries will be forced to deal with the details of some project rather than the overall aim. This square could also bring people who just don’t work harmoniously with the Aries yet their input is needed, whether in deciding what to cook for dinner or if the budget for the next big project at work is adequate.

Now we’ll set aside the smaller glitches and count six signs from Aries: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra. Libra is the sixth sign away from an Aries Sun, and the two people involved in this opposition will either get along very well or be at each other’s throats – sometimes in the same day. Of course, there’s the old adage about ‘opposites attract’ and that ‘you can only get just so far away from each viewpoint until you’re meeting again’. Does this explain why Aries often marries Libra?

Now go back to Aries and count backwards three signs: Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn. Stolid, calm, never-budging Capricorn is in a square with the Aries Sun. So often Capricorn will assume an Aries will work as many dedicated hours at a career as the Sea Goat, but this may not be Aries’ intention at all. This is just one example of an assumption which causes conflict.

Begin counting from your own natal Sun and find the two squares and one opposition each human on this plane deals with every month. Do you over-react or become Stoic during these transits? And what does that help you understand about yourself?

You may enjoy doing this sign matching for your own curiosity, or you can regard it as an important signal as to the people you’re most apt to get along with very well, and others who rouse ire (and your hackles) nearly instantly. When the transiting Moon is in a square with your own natal Sun, your emotions are often a bit ragged. Too, your judgement may not be the best if the Moon is opposing your Sun. You might jot down what your reactions are during the Moon transit (roughly two and one-half days) and see which zodiac signs just plainly tangle with yours.

You may wish to record the sign the transiting Moon is in when you describe your day in your journal, and see if any of these small indicators assist you in puzzling out just exactly what happened in that odd fuss at your favorite coffee shop, or why you felt uncomfortable meeting your child’s new teacher. (Remember you don’t have to get along with said teacher on a daily basis. But your child does.)

Next week we’ll look at signs which are sextile (two signs away from your natal Sun) and trine (four signs away). These are the people you’re immediately at home with, or feel friendship with after a short conversation. And some people feel these days of a particular Moon transit are their ‘lucky days.’

You may find what sign the Moon is currently in by just asking that of your search engine. And you can glean many more details about squares and oppositions in either a good book on astrology or among the multitude of web sites.

Enjoy finding more bits and pieces as to what really ‘makes you tick.’ – MZ