EOM Clearance


Writing is like baseball. 
Not every at bat is a home run.
In fact, not every at bat is a hit.
But just four hits in every ten at bats?
You are in the Hall of Fame.

Although I’m basically a solo act
My mindset just completely shifts
To like OK when it comes to 
Being a member—along with the 
Steam punk gothic content creator and 
Her interplanetary sombrero wearing site runner husband—
Of the online collective known as Write Up The Road,
A 21st century digital salon, if not a literary movement.


I bet everything I had on Tuff to win the Derby. 
The horse was named for its color, 
Like the reddish igneous gravel called tuff. 
He finished last in a field of twelve. 
He had the color of crushed bricks 
And ran like the uncrushed kind. 
May still be running, actually.

© 2023 Randy Stark

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