More Choice Bits

Joan Mitchell, quoted by Patti Smith:

“The solitude that I find in my studio is one of plenitude. I am enough. I live fully there.” 

From “The Garden” by Jack Gilbert, a poem of 29 lines; below are the first four and the final five.

We come from a deep forest of years
into a valley of an unknown country
called loneliness. Without horse or dog
the heavens bottomless overhead.
He wonders all the time where
he has arrived, why so much has been
allowed him (even rain on the leaves
of sugar maples), and why there is
even now so much to come.

From “England” by Marianne Moore

grass-less, links-less, language- less country — in which letters are written not in Spanish, not in
     Greek, not in Latin, not in
                but in plain American which cats and dogs can read!

From Anything On Its Side, by Larry Eigner 

oh world
what sound
for our ears

Another from Anything On Its Side, by Larry Eigner 

Cannibals are children
as well as adults

From “Brancusi’s Golden Bird,” by Mina Loy

an incandescent curve
      licked by chromatic flames
      in labyrinths of reflections

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