Music hath charms

Most people have a preference when it comes to the music they enjoy listening to, whether in the car, beside their bed at night or during the work day in the home office. Does your taste fit well with your Sun sign?

Aries: Marches, martial music and lots of percussion likely ring your chimes – and yes, you like those, too.

Taurus: Soft, romantic music with a lovely ballad to accompany the notes is your cuppa.

Gemini: Choose just one kind of music? Not possible. Select the ‘music of the day’ depending upon your mood.

Cancer: Sentimental songs heard in your childhood or old folksongs reverberate with your heart strings.

Leo: Many classical pieces were composed at the behest of royalty – and you find these themes resonate well with your daydreams.

Virgo: No sloppy playing, please – you don’t want to be distracted by the pick striking the strings of a guitar, for instance.

Libra: Well-balanced music with a definite theme, beginning, middle, and ending with carefully-crafted bridges is your choice.

Scorpio: The darker the music, the better you like it – compositions that make people think of evil ghosts and hauntings is delicious.

Sagittarius: Birdsong, dolphins talking, whales filling the ocean depths with their own symphonies and you’re enthralled.

Capricorn: Background music that’s not intrusive – so you can concentrate on business – is your type of harmony.

Aquarius: Complicated, esoteric jazz or some of the new ‘blended’ music for your ears; nothing hackneyed or trite.

Pisces: Whatever music moves you to tears, sighs or melancholy is enjoyable for you; luckily you know not to overindulge or risk depressing yourself.

Why not begin again playing that instrument you left behind in school, or sing while you’re at home with no critics? Music can soothe many anxieties.   – MZ

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