My game, my rules

To start with a bit of good news, Mercury, our pet planet, goes direct this Thursday. Did you find its retrograde period less onerous while you were paying it the minimum of attention, or as difficult? Just a question to start you thinking, ducks. Recall the old maxim, “what you think on, grows.” So thinking of the difficulties of a retrograde Mercury might possibly magnify them? A worthwhile experiment, IMHO.

Referring back to the headline, I reject the silly and somewhat convoluted pronunciations of ‘that planet’ which made a conjunction with Jupiter on April 20th. The conjunction is a big deal, and I’d like my astrology students to feel emboldened to actually observe its effects and form opinions about same. So here’s my first rule about pronouncing the planetary names involved: Jupiter, of course, easily handled. Now for UR- ahn- us, accent on the UR. Yes. Recognizing the ancient capital of Southern Mesopotamia, the city of Ur, to my mind (and preference) also brings forward the special qualities of the surrounding area, which included Babylonia, the cradle of astrology. And now we shall send those silly giggles about the old pronunciations to the rubbish heap.

For my second rule: I have studied astrology for over fifty years in this lifetime. I’ve done many charts, and have had many satisfied clients, even if they were a bit taken aback at some of the aspects revealed. There are very few iron-clad ‘thou shall’ and ‘thou shalt not’ precepts in any astrology system of interpretation. So spare me the arguments about Equal House System, Placidean, or other formulas for arriving at the twelve houses of influence in a chart. Study the different formulas and choose whatever fits with your own style of casting a chart.

My third rule: Astrology is a philosophy of life, not a determinant nor ‘fate’, whatever that is. (Karma is a different story. Yes, it definitely happens, whether in retribution or reward.)

Those are my rules. You are free to employ or discard them. Enjoy the game, faithful readers. May all your planets bring you insights and peace to your life. – MZ

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