Not just an eclipse

wormhole, black hole, galaxy-5319067.jpg

Hello, ducks! Not to take anything away from the total solar eclipse April 8 this year, but we have other astrological events coming as well.

And I’ll be taking one of these topics per column and expounding … er, explaining more about its effects on your Sun Sign and occurrences in general.

You’ll recall Pluto entered Aquarius from Capricorn on January 20 of this year, and Mars will join the planet of transformation on February 13. This particular conjunction hasn’t been seen in more than a hundred and fifty years, so it’ll be interesting to watch what happens. Just be sure to stand back – both of these planets can be truly astounding in the amount of energy they can release.

Saturn is transiting Pisces until May 24, 2025, going retrograde for a few months and then forward again from September 1 2025 to February 13, 2026. We’ll be able to ignore our ego and really work quietly behind the scenes for best results.

Jupiter is in Taurus until October 9, 2024, but will be conjunct Uranus much sooner than that, on April 20th.

Uranus itself will be retrograde in Taurus from September 1 to January 30, 2025.

And our old friend Mercury next goes retrograde in the Sun Sign of Aries from April 1st (there’s an irony for you) to April 25, 2024.

These will keep me busy looking up all the references I can lay my hands on, and dear readers, I’ll tell you what I discover and hopefully what will make your life run more smoothly under each of these aspects. Stay well and warm as this winter slowly concludes. – M.Z.