Thoughts from Tist

brushes, chalks, colorful-2927793.jpg

It always cracks me up when I’m in a working artist’s studio. You know, the smell of turpentine (and that half-eaten sandwich on a tray table nearby), the brushes worn to wisps, the pastels and other supplies looking like a gang of toddlers just left them … it’s a studio be-in for the five senses. And that’s going to surface in the artwork too, because you can’t paint really well unless you’re thinking about that tangy orange and how juicy it’ll be once it’s finished being a model. Add the feel of the skin, the really small sound of it being peeled away, the differences in color around its sphere and the distinctive smell of an orange. When your viewer’s mouth waters, you’ve painted one groovy piece of citrus. Dig it, man. – A. R. Tist