On keeping a journal

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Keeping a journal has been a popular pastime/hobby/therapy for many years now, yet it shows no sign of waning in popularity. There are doubtless many reasons for this, from the simple need of humans to remember what they’ve thought about, or ideas that would lead to ridicule if another person heard about them, or a myriad of other reasons. Privacy has been a touchstone for these efforts as well, and being able to honestly state an opinion can be a tremendous relief for various souls.

So would you be interested in keeping a journal? Let’s look at your Moon Sign to find out. (Yes, a big difference. The sign your Moon is in for your Natal Chart has a far-reaching effect on your life and how much you confide in other people. Astrology has always held that the center of your emotions is your Moon Sign, and whether you’re outgoing or retiring is determined by its position.)

Your Natal Moon in Aries: You’re likely a little too impatient to keep a daily, detailed journal, but curiosity may drive you to writing in one sporadically. Aries is not noted for being particularly introspective, so your journal may feel more like a diary than a search for your inner thoughts and heart.

Your Natal Moon in Taurus: If you can see a practical application for having a journal, you’ll keep one diligently. This may vary from the simple voicing of your innermost feelings about someone else to actually resembling a therapy session when you’re very unhappy about a situation.

Your Natal Moon in Gemini: If you gathered up the pages of several journals which you’ve started over the years, you likely wouldn’t have more than a handful. A Gemini is like an Aries in wanting action, not words in life, and Moon in Gemini is not exception.

Your Natal Moon in Cancer: You may be a person who keeps a journal in order to record and pass down the family history, keeping track of wonderful events and tragedies alike. Fortunately, if you leave your journals to someone in your will, if that person proves to be supremely uninterested in the volumes over which you labored, you won’t be perturbed by earthly indifference.

Your Natal Moon in Leo: Here’s a chance to dream on paper of a career on the stage or in the movies, showcasing your acting talents and hearing applause in your mind. But don’t confine your efforts only to your journal – why not venture forth and try an audition or two?

Your Natal Moon in Virgo: As a very private person, unless you have an extremely secure place for your journal to be safe from ‘snoops’, you won’t reveal your innermost thoughts. Given security, however, some of your hidden wants and needs may surprise you with the depth of feeling attached to them.

Your Natal Moon in Libra: A good place to argue with yourself and yet not have to reach a decision, a journal may be your best friend. In it, you can dither and postpone for years even a simple decision, and not have someone prodding you to ‘make up your mind already.’

Your Natal Moon in Scorpio: Someone accessing your journal will be sorely disappointed, because even the CIA would be hard-pressed to be more close-mouthed about what really goes on between your ears. Remember, you can write your journal in code and thereby keep it – and yourself – hidden from anyone else.

Your Natal Moon in Sagittarius: Journal?! Who has time to sit down and drone on about what plans should be next when you really have to be out and about and getting things done!

Your Natal Moon in Capricorn: Steps to take to win someone’s love or the next rung up the ladder in your career can be meticulously planned in your journal. Just be sure it has a lock and only one key.

Your Natal Moon in Aquarius: Much like a Sagittarius, you don’t want to be writing when you can be doing. Besides, with as many friends as you have, all wanting your time, your money, your help – more than a word or two will never happen.

Your Natal Moon in Pisces: Revealing your deepest thoughts, often painful, sometimes very dark, can be a welcome catharsis. You’re not going to ‘tell all’ on social media, and really, why should you?

You may want to follow Mae West’s advice – “Keep a diary, and someday, it’ll keep you,” referring to selling the racy parts of your writing to the highest bidder. – MZ